The Mooney Fam

Ahhhhh, we just love taking pictures!  We try and take a big Mooney family snap once a year...but for 2016 we've managed to take TWO!  Kinda a big deal...cause it's hard to get everyone together at once AND looking at the camera.  Plus I have to setup my camera + remote and that takes a little bit of work too (and I have to remember to bring it with me!).

Anyways, here's our most recent family snap from last weekend.  Weren't the colors just absolutely gorgeous?!  I had SO MANY sessions last weekend there between my minis and another family session that we really tried to take advantage of the colors.  I'm so glad we got this new family snap!  And I mayyyyyy have done some photoshop magic on it with a couple face swaps...but hopefully you cannot tell! :)

I thought I'd include a few past family snaps so you can see how the Mooney clan has grown over the years! (note: 2012 included extended family as I cheated with that one cause I didn't have one with just the Mooney fam bam)  I cannot wait to see how much we will grow over the next several years!  I'm sure there'll be lots more little feet (and maybe (hopefully!!) some new significant other additions too!) thrown in the mix.  I cannot wait!!!

And here's a fun little video I whipped up for these snaps too...enjoy :)

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