October Weekend Adventures


Gosh, broken record, do I start every post off nowadays with that kind of sentiment?!  Haha.  I guess I do.  But boy, mama is tired!  But a good tired -- 'twas another busy and fun weekend jammed with oodles of activities and lots of picture-taking!

So this Saturday is my last round of fall mini sessions -- I have 12 of them.  I'm hoping and praying they go smoothly, the weather forecast stays nice as it is currently predicted, and this is my last big photog hoorah before #3 arrives in a little over 3 months.

So this past weekend I had this, thisthis, and this keeping me VERY busy this weekend!  But the weather was absolutely perfect and I had a great time taking so many families' fall pictures!

One of the shoots was with my buddies and we managed to somehow get 7 kids under 5 to all look at the same direction for a picture!  Yes, not everyone is smiling (#gamefaced Rosie and Lizzy) but hey!  They're all looking!  Baby steps!

Since my kiddos happened to be at one of the shoots I snuck in some pictures of them too.  Patrick actually demanded to take his picture, which I high-fived him about because that was just so awesome and I love how he's embraced the snappin' life!

Speaking of, Patrick is truly embracing the photog life (he totes will be getting a camera for Christmas!!) because he asked to take Mike and my's picture before a wedding we were off to on Saturday and did he nail it or what?!! I'm so proud of him!

Then of course this is how they smiled when I tried to take my phone and get a picture of both of them together.  So typical.

Rosie is OBSESSED with brushing her teeth.  Like OBSESSED.  She will toodle over to the bathroom, say TEEEEETHHHH! about a thousand times until she either grabs her toothbrush or you get it for her.  Then she wants toothpaste on it and walks around brushing for literally FOREVER.  Then she wants more toothpaste and throws a monster tantrum when she doesn't get it.  DIVA.

I have to mention Rosie let me paint her piggies without any complaints this weekend and it was so awesome!  Patrick intently looked on and wanted his done too (Mike vetoed that) and her tootsies were just the cutest this weekend all painted in pink!

On Friday when I picked Patrick up from school there was a firetruck outside of his school for some reason so I did what any good cop's wife does: made him stand in front of it and take a picture to send to dad!  Haha.  And then he was totally engrossed on the way home reading his book fair handout and picking out all of the books he wants.  I told him I'd text Santa and let him know his choices and maybe he could put it on his list for him :)

We got {yet another!} June & January order this past weekend and I couldn't resist putting Scoots in the new beanies and Grovia J&J cloth diapers!  And of course Ro then got to model the other cloth diaper and matching top too.  Gosh I love that brand so much.

We did hit up Aldis as a fam bam on Saturday and both kids were lookin' super stylin' as we cruised down the aisles.  Haha!  Big family events we do on the weekends 'round these parts.

Patrick found a coozie in the basement and brought it up and put it on his milk cup and Mike and I both died laughing that he 1. took the initiative to do that 2. knew what the name was 3. wanted to do it to keep his milk cold.  DYING.  He is so funny.

Oh!  I should backtrack and mention we went to my cousin Callie's STL wedding reception (they got married back in April) on Friday night and it was a blast!  I wore my fancy birkenstocks and my great Aunt Elaine was thrilled to be at the party...can't you tell?!  I have a hilarious meme that circulated with this pic butttttttt not appropriate for my PG rated blog, so you'll have to find it somewhere else...although I'm sure you can imagine what it says.  Haha!

I'll end this all-over rambling post with sharing how we spent Saturday celebrating our good friends Lauren and Bert (Bob)'s wedding!  We are so thrilled for them that they are MARRIED and we had such a fun time celebrating their big day with them!  Didn't Lauren look gorgeous?!!  Gosh we are so happy for them and hope they have a blast on their honeymoon and in their new lives as newlyweds!

Anyways, that's about all I've got...24 weeks I'll be tomorrow (OMG) and a jam-packed week ahead for this Mooney clan with oodles more photoshoots, school events, and other such things.  Have a good one friends!

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