Annie at 7 Months

Wowzas.  I cannot believe it's the 31st of August and our sweet Annie girl is 7 whole months old!  Where or where is the time going?!  She's officially closer to 1 than being hatched! GAH!  I can't handle how fast it's going!

On Tuesday Annie turned 30 weeks old...and thanks to Photoshop I was able to squeeze all 30 of her weekly pics into one frame!  WOOT!  And don't they look all nice and neat and pretty?!  Not sure if that'll happen again...also!  Still going strong on the 52 weeks of J&J so that's quite exciting too.

Annie is growing like a weed still but definitely not as fast as she was (or that her older siblings were) and it's kinda nice that she's getting A LOT of wear out of clothes Rosie blew through!

We don't go back to the doc until 9 months, so I have a ton of mom stats and facts for you to indulge in.  Lucky you!
  • Annie weighs 18lbs 7oz...up just 6 ounces from 6 months!  I think she's kinda plateaued (although her rolls and many chins would say differently) and probably gonna hover around the 20lb mark, give or take, until she's one.
  • She is wearing size 6/12 clothes mostly (in June & January...still fits in a few 0/6 month size in J&J too! Yay for that!) and some 9 and 12 month clothes in other sizes.  She's shockingly fitting in clothes that are made for babies her age, so woo hoo for that!
  • Annie is probably about 27 or 27.5 inches long, give or take.  She's definitely shorter I think that the other two were at 7 months!
  • Annie figured out sitting up for the most part this month; she hasn't quite mastered it but is getting there.  She can definitely sit up for a little while once she gets herself steady before she flops or rocks over.  She's not rock solid by any means but is definitely on her way to getting to be a sitting up pro without needing some support around her or flopping over like a wet noodle.
  • ZERO teeth, which is shocking to me since both of the big kids had teeth by 6 months!  My mom says that the later they get teeth the more healthy the teeth I guess we'll wait and see when those little toothies of her decide to pop through!
  • She is a rolling over pro; she can go front to back and back to front like no big deal.  She likes to kick and flail her legs and arms and kinda moves around that way.  I don't know when she'll officially start crawling but I'm guessing it won't be too long.
  • She likes her jump seat thingy and playing in that, but other than that really doesn't "stand up" or put much weight/support on her legs.  I think the other two by 7 months were doing this but Annie is still very much wet noodley and isn't into the whole standing up or using her legs thing and that's fine, she'll get it soon I'm sure!
  • Shortly after she turned 6 months old she had her first solid food and has had many ever since!  She still isn't super thrilled about eating solids (she makes some wicked funny faces!) but gets better and better every time she eats.  She's done a lot of self feeding with bananas and avocados and peas and peaches and strawberries and puffs and other things like that as well as some softer pureed foods (I do love the convenience of the pouches!) and oatmeal as well.  She much prefers feeding herself to the pureed foods!  She's tried some of the allergen food (peanut butter, strawberries, cheese, yogurt, etc...) and no reaction to them so yay!  Hopefully no food allergies!  We definitely aren't as diligent about feeding her as we were with the big kids; sometimes a few days go by and she hasn't had any solids!  Oops!  So she's still getting most of her nutrients from breastmilk.
  • I'm back working full time so when I'm gone Annie usually has two or three (depending on when she wakes up) 8oz bottles of breastmilk and maybe some food thrown in there as well.  She then nurses pretty much on demand when I'm home with her...she definitely prefers the boob to the bottle!
  • Sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time a few weeks ago and LOVED it!  So now when we go to restaurants she gets plopped out of her carseat and into a high chair that she sits up fairly well in (although she's got the lean down pat and much prefers the slouch look while in the high chair).
  • Still in her infant carseat...I think we ditched that about 5/6 months with Rosie and 8 months with Patrick, so I'm sure sometime in the next month or two we'll ditch that as well...but it's just so convenient to have her in that when we go out and about (cause it clicks into her cart stroller so nicely!) and since she's not as big/heavy as they were it doesn't seem to kill our arms/shoulders (yet!) when we carry her in it.
  • Still a rockstar sleeper.  Goes down around 7:30/8pm and sleeps usually till 7:30/8am!  We have had a few random 3/4am wake ups with absolute screaming (I really think she had a bad dream), but a quick nursing sesh and she's back asleep.  Those have maybe happened 2 or 3 times this past month so I'm not complaining...and never regularly!
  • She takes one nap a day from about 1pm - 4pm, give or take.  That's her only nap (minus maybe a 10-15 minute doze off in the mornings here and there) and it's WONDERFUL that she's on the same schedule as Rosie who's still napping too!
  • Is honestly the most chill happy baby EVER.  Nothing seems to upset her and she absolutely adores her big brother and sis and puppy brother!
  • Doesn't really have many nicknames (still!) other than Annie Banannie and sister bear.  Rosie and Patrick both call her baby Annie all of the time and that's the cutest thing ever.
Welp, that's about all I've got for miss Annie at 7 months!  Now your favorite part: comparison snaps!

And my favorite, all three at 7 months old.

And you get a few bonus snaps this month...cause who doesn't like seeing more pics?!

First up, this was the alternate 7 month pic...I liked her surprised look in the one I used but this gummy smile was another favorite that almost made the cut...

And then these gems from chillin' on the couch after her little shoot.  Too cute NOT to share, right?!!

Welp, that's all my friends...until 8 months with our Annie Banannie, adios!

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