Back to the Grind.

Ahhh, friends, I am officially back at work.

And, just like the past 3 times I've come back full time after having a kiddo,

I do love my job and what I do, like that .gif I whipped up this morning practicing for a project my students are going to do this year, but yeah, it is TOUGH and makes me miss my babies at home SO SO SO much and seriously consider if I could pull off the whole stay at home gig and work remotely (is that even an option?!!) and do photography...

However, I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things before too long and get into a routine and all will be well...but yeah, SO HARD to come back. SO HARD.

Plus, I have been completely SLAMMED (in a good way!) with photoshoots!  I actually, in less than 24 hours, filled all 24 of my mini-session slots for this fall AND have a waitlist of 5+ already!  Snappin' life is great and busy and it definitely is my most favorite thing to do!  I've gotten to do a lot of squishy babies lately (helllllo baby fever!) and even a birth (and hopefully another one in the next week or so) so yeah, it's been keeping me very VERY busy.

Fortunately we have the best support system and family EVER that have been helping us out while I work/snap and Mike snoozes.  Once the 16th hits and everyone is back in school life will hopefully get to a routine and things will be good.  Fingers crossed for that!  Until then, we appreciate SO SO SO much how everyone has been helping us with these crazy 2 weeks of me back at work but the kiddos not.

I last posted on Monday afternoon about our summer coming to a close...and we sent it out that night with a bag: we tried a new place for dinner (Club Taco! The kids LOVED it!) and then walked over and got ice cream which Rosie promptly wore ALL OVER her outfit! HAHA!  It was a great family evening together and really made me sad that our lazy summer nights are coming to a close.  Gah.  I cannot believe how fast this summer whooshed by!

My first official day of school was on Tuesday (August 1st) and Mike made me take a back to school front porch pic to celebrate.  Ha!  I had my backpack and all of my snacks and pumping stuff with me to head out!  The students don't come back for another couple weeks but I'm back and fully back into the grind...which is why looking at my social media accounts and even this blog I haven't said much all week because 1. life is SO BUSY being back at work 2. I've had photo sessions literally every night 3. I'm exhausted!  My shirt for the first day (found here) could not have been any more accurate.

Although after school on Tuesday I was quite productive: Patrick got a new buzz cut for school courtesy of Alex here...

...and Annie turned 26 weeks old and I remembered to take her pic after school even though I thought it was Monday that whole day and somehow managed to remember it was actually Tuesday when I got home! WOOT!

Patrick is so obsessed with his little sisters, especially Annie, he always wants to be in pics with her and it's just the cutest thing ever.  I love how much he loves his little sissies!

Speaking of, girlfriend here is growing up!  She's been sitting in the high chair more swatting her puffs around and gnawing on a sippy cup.  Gosh it is going too fast!  I'm sure we'll be giving her some real food (soon?! maybe?!) and then it'll be lightning speed till her first birthday.  GAH!

OH!  I know I posted in her 6 month post about how she wasn't sitting up yet and BAM!  Something clicked and she is now!  It's not pretty and not for too long (although each time she sits up it seems to get longer and longer) but she's actually doing it and it is WONDERFUL!  This is the only milestone I'm in a hurry for her to do because it makes picture-takings sooooo much easier.  Go Annie go!

Other than that, nothing else too exciting going on.  I have another photo shoot later this evening, one tomorrow, one Saturday, one Sunday, and so on for like the foreseeable future!  Trying to enjoy as much family time as we can squeeze in before the real hub-bub of school starts soon for the big kids too!

Oh!  Per Patrick's (begging) request, I did sign him up for a fall soccer league for 9 he is SO EXCITED about that!  And I also picked up after school today a new toddler bed for Ro...cause I think we're ditching her crib and letting her have a big girl bed now!  She sleeps in a regular bed everywhere outside of our house, so why not put her in a toddler bed now?!  YOLO, right?!  She's so ready for it and we're going for it!

Anyways, happy Thursday friends!  Have a great rest of your week!

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