Girls' Getaway

A month or so ago my girlfriends Ann, Courtney, Katie and I decided we'd do a quick little girls getaway to St. Charles just for a night as a back to school/Alex's birthday/mom needs a break weekend.

Three words: it.was.awesome.

Gosh. SO SO SO needed.  I love my kids.  Like ridiculously.  And I love my hubby.  But sometimes, mama here needs a 24 hour break with her other mom friends and escapes all of the mom and house duties and just relaxes.  And that's exactly what we did!  It was awesome.

Without divulging too much, cause much like Vegas what happens on girls' weekend stays on girls' weekend, we had a really really great time.

I mean, we even creatively crafted #ACKAgirlsweekend as our hashtag to document our festivities.

Honestly, we did a whole lotta nothing and it was wonderful.  We got to our hotel around lunchtime and walked to main street in St. Charles.  We had a quick lunch then went shopping where the only thing I bought was an ice cream cone which was delish.

We then went and got pedicures before heading out to a fancy (much fancier than anything Mike and I would frequent! Haha!) dinner and drinks.  I mean, we had to live up our kid free night, right?!!

Yup.  We had a blast!  And we were promptly back at our hotel by 10:30pm so not only are we old moms but we are responsible and I think we all were sawin' some serious ZZZs by 11pm.  Haha!

We really had an awesome weekend filled with lots of girl talk and laughing and drinks and snacks and just an all-around awesome time that was SO NEEDED.  We already have been texting about when we're going to do our next one because this cannot be a one-and-done event but we definitely need to make this happen at least a couple times a year.

All in all it was an awesome girls weekend with my closest buddies.  We have our big girls' weekend planned for October at my aunt Kate's lake house (much like we did last November) where there's like 10 of us going to that so that's something else to look forward to.

I'm hoping this little soiree catapults me into the school year feeling refreshed and happy and ready to greet the new year with enough umph to push me through until Christmas break.  Here's hoping!  :)

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