10 weeks.

Ahhh, double digit weeks! HELLO my old friend!  Also I couldn't decide which pic I liked better (or was more accurate of what I had written on my letterboard...haha!) so you're getting both! #indecisiveAlexstrikesagain

So this past weekend I definitely have felt the worst thus far.  And really it's nothing compared to the awfulness that I felt at week 10 with Annie or Rosie...but still, definitely not as good as I have been feeling.  That weird hungry but not, craving things but not really, this is so hard to describe feeling hasn't left...and it's almost been worse.  Like I KNOW I need to eat, and I do, but nothing sounds good, or when it does sound good and I eat it it's disappointing because it's just like meh.  Anyways, just super duper weird feeling still that I definitely haven't experienced before.  But that very familiar nausea I feel like I'm going to barf feeling definitely has been back recently and it's not my favorite.

Per my friends recommendation, I got two of these Dwell + Slumber gowns and OMG.  They are my new favorite thing to wear.  I lounge around the house in them, sleep in them, and they are just the most comfortable amazing thing in the entire world.  You betcha I will be bringing them to the hospital and living in them postpartum...cause NURSING FRIENDLY! WOOT!  Also, I look freaking massive for ^^^ not even 10 weeks above.  I already am betting this kid is going to be close to 10lbs when he/she is hatched. Oy.

Anyways, that's about all I've got for week 10!  We've got just a little over a week until the kiddos are back in school (and my stuff starts back up...albeit most of it done remotely...but still!) so I'm trying to savor the end of my summer as much as possible!!

And I decided it's never too early to do my fun little charty thing I started to do about halfway through with Annie...soooo...here ya go with that for week 10!  And that's about all I've got for week 10...until week 11 folks, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Tater tot
Overall mood?Exhausted and a bit of nausea
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Not yet :)
Linea Nigra?Nothing there...yet?!?!

week 10 with Annie                       week 10 with Rosie

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