Ahhh, 33!  Or, as the waitress at Happy Joe's tonight sang to me, 21 :) HAHA! #Iwish

Birthdays seem kinda anti-climatic after a certain number, don't they?!  I mean, yay for 33 but like okay?!  I'm another year older! Woo hoo?!

I did realize that now that I'm 33 I'll be having another kiddo...something I'd done every odd birthday for the past 6 years (27, 29, 31, 33) so that's kinda fun. Ha!

I posted on Facebook and I'm gonna reiterate it here too: it was a great day!  Started, continued, and ended with lots of delicious food (wouldn't have it any other way!) and lots of family time!  'Twas a great day indeed!

I got woken up to the big kids and Mike making me pancakes which were DELICIOUS!  I shocking have felt pretty good the past couple days -- literally filled my nausea med prescription on Monday since I felt SOOOO bad and haven't had to take any so yay for that!

The kiddos and Mike got me a TON of my favorite bath bombs and a gift certificate for a massage at my favorite place -- so that was a big treat!  Can't wait to cash that in!

I actually had an allergy appointment so I dropped the big kiddos off at my mom's and took Annie to my appointment, which I was in and out lightning fast so that was nice.

We then went back and got my parents and Charlie and hit up our fave MOD Pizza (duh, where else?!?) for lunch!

The big kiddos made me a butterfly brownie cake while I was gone and sang to me too, which was the CUTEST THING EVER.  Gosh they make my heart smile.

Lunch was SO great.  The kiddos were good and their brownie they made was just delicious!!  We actually had a boys table and girls table which was kinda fun -- Patrick loved sitting with Gramps and Uncle Charlie!
We then came home and I got the BEST gift of all: a 3 hour nap.  For some reason I felt sooooo drained all day today and that couch nap felt AWESOME.  It was the best.  The girls took equally as long of naps and I have no clue what Patrick did during that time but he just chilled on the couch (I think?!??!) until we all woke up around 4. haha!

We decided to go to Happy Joe's for dinner.  Definitely the kids' favorite place but I LOVE their pizza so I was all for it too!

I had last-minute text my cousin Adrienne seeing if they wanted to join us but they had already gotten dinner...but she is so sneaky she called Happy Joe's (she worked there ages ago!) and told them it was my 21st birthday and they came over and sang to me!  I was DYING (and mortified cause I told Mike I DID NOT want that to happen! haha!) and when the waitress said "Alex is celebrating her 21st birthday today!" Patrick screamed, "NO SHE IS NOT! SHE IS 33!!!" I lost it (and so did everyone around us! haha! Can't believe 21 was TWELVE years ago! I'm old. haha!).  Anyways, it was a great time at HJ's and actually not crowded AT ALL which was a treat.

We then ended my birthday soiree with a trip to the Custard Station...after circling for 15 minutes to try and find a freaking parking spot!

I think everyone (Annie the most??!?!) enjoyed their ice cream! HAHA!

Patrick asked about starting his own "YouTube channel" tonight and making videos of the stuff he does and I told him sure -- and he has NOT stopped talking about it!  So that may be coming down the pipeline.  He's got big dreams of being like Ryan's Toy Review I think. HAHA!

I got kinda a cool birthday present -- a last minute birth mama scheduled for a c-section on SATURDAY morning text me wanting me to snap her birth and DUH, I leapt at the chance! I mean, I have nothing else slated until the evening so it worked out perfectly -- so I can't wait for that!  I have a few other shoots this weekend too before the hustle and bustle of back to schoolness start next week.  Never a dull moment!

Anyways, after ice cream we came home for baths and bedtime -- Mike headed off to work, I sat down to bloggity blog this before I bowed out to go to bed.  It was a GREAT birthday and THIS IS THIRTY-THREE.  I wouldn't change a thing or have it any other way!

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