T-Minus 8 Days...

EIGHT DAYS.  Eight whole days left before this big kid starts kindergarten and 13 years of his Kirkwood school district career.  I cannot believe it!  Seriously, can.not.believe.it.  How on earth am I going to have a kindergartener when I swear I just had him yesterday?!?!

This sign showed up in our front yard this morning and he was SO EXCITED that he was officially a Westchester kid!  Obviously we had to get some pics in front of the sign and I don't think you can tell how excited he really is.  HAHA!

This summer has been wonderful -- and we have some fun things planned these last 8 days before kinder starts for P (and 3s preschool for Rosie!)...so we are going to live it up!  Anyways, I'm sure you'll be assaulted by new school year posts soon enough...get excited! (or warned??!?!)

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