Swimming Our Summer Away (Also A Six Flags Adventure)

Ahhh, sweet sweet summertime...howe we love you so!  We are wrapping up our time with you and we are making the most of what time we have left!

Earlier this week Rosie, Annie and I got invited to s pool party at Rosie's friend Jack's house, and Patrick got to go on a very special date to Six Flags with Uncle Charlie!

He had A BLAST.  He was 1" too short for the 48" rides (rats!) but will be tall enough next year for them!  But they still got to go on a lot of fun rides and Charlie did an awesome job snapping lots of pics and videos for me!

He's already asking when he can go back! HAHA!

While the boys were playing the girls and I went and picked up my mom and headed over to Jack's to swim!  And ohhhhh boy, did they LOVE it (and fearless Annie kept up her undying love for all things water!).

We had just a gorgeous day and the pool was perfect!!

Annie has found a new love: the diving board.

I mean, if that girl of mine isn't fearless, I don't know who is!  Also Rosie, who has been super timid of water has overcome a lot of her fears this summer including the diving board!  She impresses me so much too with how she's grown in the water this summer as well.

All in all, we had an awesome day all around and are really enjoying these last dog days of summer.  I cannot believe school starts NEXT WEEK!! EEKKKK!  But I'm ready for it: ready for fall and all that comes with it :) Have a good one friends!

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