1SE: March 2019

We are officially 1/4th of the way done with 2019.

I cannot CANNOT believe it.  What a whirlwind of 3 months it's been but, I will say, March: you were a darn good one.

So many trips and adventures and travels and just an awesome month.  I'm hoping the rest of 2019 follows suit cause March really was awesome.

Here's your 1 Second Everyday March 2019 video!  Golly I love these SO MUCH!

And, since I've got you here, a little update (90 days into 2019! WOOT!) of my black and white 365 project.  Man, I am so loving how this year is shaping up already!!

Golly I love these little people in these tiny squares!

Onto April my friends...we've got a big week ahead with Mike's birthday tomorrow (40!!), my dad's retiring this week (!!!) and his party, and Rosie's 4th birthday!!  Oh and a billion photoshoots in there too.  Haha!  But busy is so good...I'm welcoming it with opened arms!  Have a great April my friends!!!

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