We Made it to the Beach!!

I left off with my last post about how rainy it was today (didn't stop Ro from swimming though!! ^^) and yeah, that's what it pretty much did ALLLLLL day long.  I was able to get caught up on some emails and such and then us girls (Rosie, my aunt Sally, cousin Sara, and me!) went to get mani/pedis!

Ro was clearly IN HEAVEN.  Gosh she loves getting pampered and she was SO GOOD (like even random strangers commented on how good she was!!) waiting for us to finish! GOLD STAR ROSIE!

We then decided at the last minute before dinner to run down to the beach.  It was still chilly and overcast and spitting rain here or there but Ro had been BEGGING all day and we were like let's just go for a bit.  We gave my parents' good friends Linda and Mickey a call so we could see them but also park at their place and use their condo beachfront access for Rosie to play for a bit...and it was SO WORTH IT.

She had a blast playing in the sand and making 'soup' and building sand castles and collecting shells!  I tried to stay warm and just snap away and ignore the chilly (okay it was like 60 but WINDY! and misty!) weather.

We were only there maybe 30 - 45 minutes...it was chilly, starting to rain, and, as you can see here, diva princess was on her last leg and her evil, irrational side was coming out in full force.  Yee haw.

She was definitely not a little rainbow when we were leaving. haha!

Anyways, we packed up, headed back, had a wonderful spaghetti dinner cooked by uncle Johnny before turning in early because we have a SUPER early flight back home tomorrow morning!

It was a wonderful quick trip to Southwest Florida and we just CANNOT WAIT to come back soon!!!  Thanks for having us fam! :)

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