Patrick's NY Adventures, part 1

Not even 24 hours after Rosie and I got back from Florida Patrick and I hopped on a plane -- his first one!! -- and headed off to New York for the remainder of his spring break to meet up with our buddies!

We actually met up with my dear friend Olivia, who I had never met in person but feel like I've known FOREVER since we talk ALL OF THE TIME!  Much like meeting my other internet buddy Jessica back in London last summer, this trip was going to be wonderful to get to hang in person with my internet turned real life buddy!  And to bring Patrick along to play with her boys of them who's in kindergarten and is his age!! WOOT!

So it was Patrick's first time on an airplane (actually two since we had to fly through Chicago to get to NY) and OMG he was in HEAVEN!  He did so awesome carrying his backpack and suitcase through the airport (unlike his sister a day earlier. haha!) and then was just a gem on the plane!  Both he and Rosie can fly with me annnnnyyyyytime they want!

He was just wonderful on our short little layover and then got the best surprise EVER when we boarded our flight to NY -- the pilot asked him if he wanted to see the cockpit AND sit in the pilot's seat!  Big shoutout to American Airlines for being so amazing to this guy on his first airplane journey!

He just LOVED IT.  And so did I -- I was beaming for him -- and what a great start to our trip!

When we landed in NYC we had Olivia's dad's driver (fancyyyy!) pick us up from the airport to take us to her house on Long Island, just about an hour away.  Patrick was so taken aback by the big buildings and everything before we got too far out of the city...and then, this happened: HE CRASHED!

A nap was probably good for him since we'd been up since 3:30am!  HAHA!

Anyways once we got in we hung for a bit before pickup up Weston (who's also 5!) from school.  Wyatt, who'll be 3 in June, was totally loving on Patrick and it was so cute to see them playing together!

So darn cute!

Once we got back the boys got to playing dress up and iPads and all sorts of games and Patrick totally was making himself righttttt at home.

After we hit up the market for some pasta for dinner we ate that, had some ice cream for dessert, watched a movie and we all crashed pretty early from a long day.

The next morning (Friday) we got up early and the boys wanted to play dress up they did!  My goodness Patrick is in HEAVEN with all of the dress up stuff here!!  He's LOVING IT!

We then were off on our Friday adventures...first stop: Whaling Museum!  After a quick nap for 2 of the 3 first...

The boys had a BLAST and I got my big camera out to snap some pics too...they had the coolest little play setup there for the boys and they just loved playing pretend in there.

...which Patrick then decided he wanted to use to capture some pics of his friends as well!  I am DYINGGGGG over this video of him directing Weston and Wyatt around.  So darn funny and NO IDEA WHERE HE GETS THAT FROM.  HAHA!

Gosh they crack me up!

After this we decided to hit up a bakery shop nearby and let the boys run around and play for a bit before heading off to the movies.  It was kind of a rainy, yucky day so a movie was going to be the perfect treat for the boys!

The boys had so much fun (and holy energy they've got!!!) getting some wiggles out before the movie!

We then headed off to see Wonder Park...

Which the boys loved!  They were all pretty dark good through the entire movie :) Popcorn and slushies helped I think.

Before we left we snapped a cool pic looking over Hunington from the top floor of the movie theater, per Weston's request.

When we got back we decided to order Chinese for dinner and Patrick was in HEAVEN getting to hear Olivia's hubby Eric play some music for him!

After a late dinner we hit the hay...and boy were we exhausted cause all of the boys slept past 8:30am on Saturday morning!! WOOT!

We got up and decided since it wasn't raining to hit up the park...

Well, it wasn't wet, but HOLY COLD!  It was about 40 but with the wind felt like 25 and yeah, we didn't stay too long.  Haha!  But the boys had a blast running around and playing for a bit.

We then hit up a yummy burger (or hot dog, in Patrick's case!) joint for lunch before spending the afternoon at the library.

Wyatt was itching for a nap so we headed back home for snacks and rest time before dinner (make your own pizza!) and a movie before calling it a day!

Patrick just is in heaven here with all of the play time and exploring all of the newness -- and I KNOW he's gonna just FLIP tomorrow when we got into NYC to explore some more and see Wicked!  I felt like that day deserves its own post, so I'm going to conclude part 1 of Patrick's NY adventures right now and have a part 2, all about NYC, comin' at ya in the next couple of days.

What a whirlwind of a past week it's been but SUCH A GOOD ONE!  I am so loving all of this one-on-one time with my kiddos and getting to explore different parts of the country with them.  I am so grateful for wonderful friends and family that let us do this (and crash at their place! :)

Anyways, it's been wonderful...but we've just got about 36 hours left before heading back to STL and back to school (for P and R!) and reality (so many photoshoots this week for me!).  Have a good one friends!!

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