Bath Snappies, Per Rosie's Request

Who am I to deny an almost 4 year old's request for bath pics?!

Last night just as we were finishing dinner I told the girls it was bath time and Rosie said, "Mommy will you get your camera to take our pictures?" UM YES!  Actually she's asked a few times recently and I've always been wrapped up with editing or other photog stuff and just didn't have time.  Welp, last night was different: mama was all caught up on work and it was time for some bath snaps!

I feel like it's been a hot minute since I did these...but the girls LOVED THEM.

Annie loved them the most and definitely wasn't fazed AT ALL with dumping water on her head.  She actually kept asking Rosie to dump more! HAHA!

Rosie finally warmed up to being splashed and was sooooo into it.  They had a BLAST! 

Patrick doesn't bathe with them anymore -- he's too big, into taking showers, so he gets to use our bathroom while the girls bathe.  It makes my heart a bit sad that all 3 don't have bath time together anymore but I think I'll get over it -- they have a billion other things they can do together.

Anyways, short and sweet little bath time photo dump for ya!  HAHA!  Hope you enjoyed :)

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