Rosie Flocks to Florida

Do you know what is good for the soul?!

Escaping for a few days down to sunny Florida to see family!  And what a better time to do it than during spring break with one of my kiddos!  One on one time is SOOOOOO good for them (and heck, me too!!) so off to Florida we went!

Actually, I got asked to snap some family beach pics down here soooooo that was a perfect excuse to come visit, so I am eternally grateful to this family for letting me come down and snap their pics on the beach!

This was a quick little trip for us...and actually Patrick and I will be having a similar quick trip Thursday to Monday later this week to go visit our buddies in New York (WE CANNOT WAITTT for that!) so yay for tons of one on one time with my big kiddos this week! (Sorry'll get mom back to yourself come Monday :)

Rosie an AMAZING traveler.  She was SO GOOD on the flight down and I'm expecting the same on the flight back!  It's just a quick 2ish hour flight here from STL (direct thank goodness) so it was super awesome to literally be in Florida and in the pool shortly after 10am the day we got here!

Anywhooooooo, we truly have been doing a whole lot of nothing down here and it's been freaking WONDERFUL. SO SO SO GOOD.  Rosie literally hopped in the pool about 3 minutes after we got here!

I will say, Rosie has spent more time in the pool than out of it which has just been so perfect for her! 

We are staying with my aunt and uncle and they got Ro these awesome flamingo floaties and dolphins and she's just been obsessed with swimming and playing with them as much as possible!!

Sunday night we got Chinese and had dinner at my cousin Jack's house...which was St. Patrick's Day so we had to get in the festive spirit.

Shamrocks and chopsticks.  The perfect combo.  Haha!

Ro also got a face mask as a surprise and girlfriend LOOOOOVED putting it on when we got home.  She kept saying how good it smelled!

On Monday after a lovely breakfast out on the lanai...and then a quick swim...

We decided to switch it up a bit and hit up the big pool for swimming and lunch!  I brought my GoPro so apologies for the onslaught of tons of pics.  Haha!  We were like the only ones there!!

We had a blast at the big pool -- and a yummy lunch poolside too!  Rosie was SO GOOD at the pool and just has been wonderful this whole trip especially sans naps.

After the pool we headed back so Rosie could rest while I headed up to Captiva to do family pics!  Which we had bumped up doing sooner in the day because the forecast was calling for rain in the evening and allllllllll day Tuesday (currently pouring down rain now as I type this) so I'm SO GLAD we did because even though it was overcast it was still just perfect for beachy family snaps!  I could not thank this crew enough for letting me come down here to snap their pics and escape STL for a bit!

By the time I got back Ro was still out to dinner so I was able to grab a quick shower and something to eat before starting to edit pics.  When Ro got back she got a shower and watched a bit of her shows before passing out shortly after 9pm...

Of course I stayed up till 1:30am editing (hellllloooooo OCD!!) to finish their pics before calling it a night.  But of course I was wide awake a little before 6am then!  Gosh I apparently can't sleep on vacay either! HAHA!  But Rosie can so that's all I care about.

Today it is a washout -- like 100% chance of rain alllllllll day long.  Boo hiss.  Rosie did not care though -- she got right in that freezing cold water for some morning swim action while I finished up this here blog post!  I think we're gonna go shopping and get mani/pedis later and PRAY it clears up maybe a smidgen to go see the beach so Rosie can see that before we had back bright and early in the morning.

Anyways, fun little Florida getaway we are a'havin'!  Can't wait to spend the rest of the week with P in NY!  2019: you're still being so awesome in my book :) Have a good one friends!!

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