1SE: June 2019


I cannot believe it...we are halfway done with 2019 AND tomorrow I'll pretty much be halfway done (19 weeks) with this pregnancy, as the plan is to deliver before 38 weeks. INSANE!

So I've got another 1SE for ya...JUNE!

And I decided since we are 6 months down I'd throw in the halfway 2019 video too for your viewing pleasure as well.

And we are also 181 days through 2019 as well...WOW.  JUST WOW.  So here's the first 181 days of my #Mooneybandw2019 for ya too.

Onto July...and cannot wait to see what it brings!  2019 is still going strong and I'm loving all that it has brought this far...excited for the rest of the year and what it holds in store!!

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