Rosie's Big Dance Recital

Oh what a fun day it was!!  I almost titled this "Rosie's 1st Dance Recital" butttt I realized she had a little one around Christmas time back in December so we'll just call this her first BIG recital :)

Anyways, what a great day for Rosie -- she said later is was her best day ever.  And she knocked her performance out of the park!  I am so proud of her!!  So I want to mention (toot my own horn?!??!) that today was the first time I have EVER curled anyone's (include myself!) hair!  I think I did decently-ish, huh?!

Rosie's performance was at 2pm so we decided to leave a little before 1 to go get seats, and duh.  Before we left I had to do a little photo shoot (it was raining ugh so we had to use the bench!!) of her in her adorable costume!

Her expressions KILL ME.  But she was SO EXCITED for her performance and I was so excited to watch her!  I mean, I've seen her in practice a bit but didn't know how she'd do in front of a crowd of people.

Welpppppppp, she ROCKED IT.  Seriously!  She did SO GOOD and I am so freaking proud of her!

She did amazing.  I could look at her pics and video all day long!  I am so glad she had a blast and enjoyed herself AND danced!  I was legit nervous she was just going to stand there with her arms crossed looking pissed off.  So yay that didn't happen!

The entire performance was about 2 dad stayed home with Annie who napped and Mike, Patrick, my aunt Kate and mom all went!  Mike got about 2 hours of sleep before we went sooooooo he was tired...but!  Fear not!  I had a job for him (and me too!) to keep us both awake:


So Rosie performed in ONE out of 39 performances.  YIKES.  And hers was #29.  HOWEVER, I had a few friends there who had kiddos in the recital sooooo naturally I asked which ones their kiddos were in, took note, and snapped away for them!

Patrick got in on the action too and I still cannot believe he was able to hold that beast of my camera + lens up!

At the end there was the grand finale and Rosie was clearly loving it...once she realized what was going on. Haha.  RB face in full force at first!

At the end Patrick ran up on stage to give her her flowers and it was the cutest freaking thing I have EVER seen.  Me = puddle of emotions.

AND THEN, just as we were leaving, something SNAPPED with Rosie (no nap, perhaps?!!): she LOST it.  First over not having her coloring sheet she drew and gave to NeeNee back in the dressing room, and then, in the parking lot when I asked her to take a pic with her flowers and she LOST IT with how heavy they were.  Of course, mom of the year here just snapppppped away.  Haha!

These might be my most favorite pics I've ever taken of her.  Ohhhhh, how hard it is to be a 4 year old dancer.  HAHA!

But she did perk back up and we managed to sneak in a pic of our tiny dancer with mom and dad when she was much happier :)

All in all, it was a GREAT day for our Rosie!  She cannot wait to go back to dance class in the fall and I cannot wait to see what she does this coming year in her class!  Who knows, maybe Annie will be starting dance soon too...we'll see!!

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