Bubble Time!

Last night was super duper fun -- I mean, besides getting first place in the photo contest, we had a BLAST at my cousin's house celebrating her son Ethan (and one of Patrick's best buddies!) turning SIX!

I actually did some updated family photos for them too that you can check out at that link...

But one of the best parts of the night was the BUBBLES!  My uncle Jimmy brought his bubble concoction and the kids had A BLAST!

And duh, since I had my camera with me I had to bust it out to snap some pics of the kids playing!  Also, Rosie was MIA (not really...she was on a special girls' trip with my mom and her friend Jayne and Rosie's bestie Riley!!) so just Patrick and Annie in these :)

Annie clearly had a BLAST with the bubble gun!  Okay so I did snap these below on my iPhone...

....and that's when I realized I could bust out my big camera!  I love my iPhone, but it's got NADA on my big boy!

Uncle Jimmy was AWESOME in showing the boys the ropes in using the big bubble wands -- and also making some big bubbles for them too!!

All in all, the kids had a BLAST tonight (Patrick came home and said it was one of the best nights of his life! haha!) and we had so much fun celebrating Ethan turning six with our cousins!!  Another great night of summer vacay :)

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