Polly Flinders

God bless my mom for keeping some of my baby clothes...especially the ever popular in the 1980s Polly Flinders dresses.

I know I use to put Rosie in these -- we have a LOT of them in smaller sizes...but only a few in bigger sizes.  I recently was going through some baby stuff and slowllllllyyyyyy starting to get stuff out for #5's arrival in LESS THAN FIVE MONTHS and found one of my old dresses that I know would fit Annie!

When she got up from nap today we decided to put it on her and OMG.  I'm dying.  We even managed to get a bow clip to stay in her fine/thin hair and I am just DYING at these pics!!!

Naturally we had to have a location change and did some on the steps...and Purple Bunny made an appearance too.

I am SO BIASED but golly is she cute or what?!??!?!  Seriously.  Such a little lady I can't take it!  And I cannot believe she cooperated for me too for pics....must have been in a good mood I caught her in when she woke up!

Anyways, it was a fun little impromptu photoshoot.  I will say, I do love my iPhone (left), but it doesn't have ANYTHING on my big camera!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!!

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