Pool Days and Other Exciting Summery Things

I hate to admit it, but summer is winding down.

This is our last (well, the kids' last cause YOLOOOOOO mama works for herself now!) full week of summer vacation before school starts back up for the big kids on the 15th (Annie doesn't start her new half day program until after Labor Day).  I cannot CANNOT believe how fast the summer has gone but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hitting fast-forwarded on it to get it going past as quickly as possible.

So! A little round-up for ya what we've been up to lately (read: photo and video dump. You're welcome. haha!).  Lots and lots of pool adventures because we have to savor in as many pool days as possible before school starts back up and pool hours get super limited.

We went to a friend's house this week that has a pool and the kiddos had a BLAST (NeeNee too!) playing in the water and jumping off of the diving board and playing with their buddies! These are the summer days I wish would never end.

Okay this is a hysterical video...the girls were clearly SO TIRED but didn't stop them from fighting over literally a teeny tiny piece of doll clothing (pair of pants).  I think Patrick's expressions make this video even funnier.  He's so over their fighting. HAHAHA!

I'll die laughing watching this every single time.  Also Mike wins for calmest parents award. haha!

Let's see, what else?! OHHHH!!  Hair fun!  Annie got her hair trimmed by the wonderful Giselle this week...

...and Rosie decided she wanted to do curlers to bed!

Gosh these girls are such girly girls and forcing me to bring out the 'girl' side of myself and I won't lie, I'm not hating it! HAHA!

So this week I sold one of my lenses (85mm) that I just NEVER EVER use and decided to get a 35mm macro -- which is just perfect for detail shots for newborns and fresh 48 sessions!!

Naturally I had to test it out on the kiddos and I am kinda sorta obsessed with it!  And wow, I definitely took a TON of 'test shot' pics with it.  HAHA! Can you blame me!??!?!

On Friday we went to the last 'hot dogs with the cops' day and the kids had a BLAST!  Annie has zero fear and had no problem waltzing up to the policeman and asking for help to shoot a basket!!

Lastly, I'll leave you with some random pics and videos from this past week that deserve some blog love.

Anyways friends, I hope you have a great rest of your weekend and wonderful first full week of August!!

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