Rain Puddles

Earlier last week it POURED.  Like did not stop for a few hours.  Everything got canceled: the big kids' soccer practices and my photo shoot.

We were cooped up inside and Patrick kept asking if he could play in the rain.  Mike and I looked at each other and were like, "Why not?!?!?"  So, out they went!

They had a blast with their umbrellas and rain boots!  Although I think all of them at some point ditched them all!

I summoned my cabana boy and gave him a giant golf umbrella to hold over me while I got my big camera out and snapped pics of the kids having a blast! 

Mike got soaked (took one for the team...true love right there!) but I stayed dry and was able to get these snaps in.

Anyways, riveting-ly exciting week over here!  I actually have been SO BUSY with photo shoots and births that I feel like my blogging has slacked (oops) but hopefully I'll get back on the blog train and be more consistent soon...maybe. Haha! Life is busy friends, but in a good good way :)

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