26 Weeks 🌈

26 weeks today!! Only 2 more weeks until the third trimester starts and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  We are 11 weeks away from meeting this kiddo and although my anxiety is there...always...I am getting more and more excited.  And letting myself buy a few things too.

I had a great appointment with Dr. Jen this past week...Annie tagged along with me too and she LOVED seeing her just born pic on the wall! She's like THAT'S ME!!!  This kid was moving up a storm -- literally kicked Dr. Jen's doppler -- and still no edema or fluid anywhere it shouldn't be.  Such great news.

Annie couldn't stop winking at Dr. Jen too which was HILARIOUS cause she did it the entire rest of the day as well!!

Seriously guys.  Only 11 (hopefully short!!) weeks to go!! I will say this past week I’ve allowed myself to get a tad bit more excited — ordering a cute rainbow swaddle and knotted hat that I think I’ll put this kiddo in to announce his/her arrival (probably like 10 seconds after I roll out of the OR cause I know FOMO on social media is real with you all 😉).  However, little things seem to trigger me too and set off my anxiety into an overdrive of DID THIS KID MOVE RECENTLY?! WHY AREN’T I FEELING ANYTHING RIGHT NOW??!?!  This weekend it was Kenny Chesney’s “Who You’d Be Today” song that came on the radio.  Man, I love that song, but holy cats were the tears flowing really listening to those lyrics and feeling them so deep in my soul with Clark.  Grief is funny — and has no rhyme or reason as to when it will creep up.  Because right before that song came on I was sitting in my garage placing an order for “Hello My Name Is” name tags (that I stock for my Fresh 48 clients but I also need one soon too!) and BAM. It hit me. Gah. Pregnancy after loss is the most difficult ride I’ve been on, but having such a great support network and even my little square of the internet here to share on really REALLY has helped.  So here’s to having listened to me digress the past 6ish months and the next 2.5 months to come! Until week 27 friends!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Red cabbage
Cravings?Chocolate chip cookies with Oreos baked in
Overall mood?Anxiously excited
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?SO MANY KICKS!!!
Linea Nigra?Supppppper faint bellow and above belly button

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