Lady Datin'

The ladies and I had a fun little lady date (well, dad joined us for dinner!) this evening!  Patrick is at his vacation home livin' up his last full week of summer, so the girlies and I have had a lot of fun together already this week...and it's only Monday!

We spent the morning at the pool with our buddies Mikey and Rachel...the girls had an absolute BLAST!  And boy were they WORN OUT once we got home!

The girls promptly PASSED OUT after lunch -- and I was able to escape to my dentist appointment (first time EVER I haven't had a cavity during my during pregnancy checkup!!) and the grocery story before they woke up (calm down people, Mike was home too!!).

Since it was a decent evening -- not too hot, I wanted to take the girls to 'model' aka scope out a new location I had been eyeballin' the past several weeks.  It turned out to be the most PERFECT spot!  I think it'll be another addition to my twilight mini offerings!

The girls clearly loved playing in the creek and I was happy with the five minutes of snaps I got! Win win!!

We then headed off to IMOS for dinner with dad before he had to head into work early.  Since I had my camera with me, duhhhh! Decided to document the rest of our lady date!

Clearly loved dinner, per usual.  And clearly LOVIN' on their favorite food group: cheese!  Mike had to head off to work so I asked the girls if we should get ice cream and DUH! They were all about it!  So off to the Custard Station we went!

Pretty sure they both stained their dresses permanently but SO WORTH IT.  What a wonderful night we had with just the ladies and some really excellent evenings to wrap up summer.  Cannot wait to have P join in on our end of summer fun later this week and next before school starts!

That's all I've got for our little lady datin' for the evening.  'Twas a good one!  And I'm so excited Mike is off for a few days now (holy overtime lately for him!) so he can join in on our fun too.  Have a great one friends!!

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