Last Days of Summer

This post is a whittle delayed as school has already started but SUE ME it's been a busy freaking week (so many photo shoots!!!) and I'm just getting around to blogging about our last days of summer before school started! 

The kids started school midweek, so we had a few days of final fun (Mike was snoozing and/or working overtime so it was just me and the kiddos) and we decided to hit up the Zoo and our friend's pool one last time before school was officially underway.

First up for our family fun: the Zoo!

Now Mike actually was working overtime THEN had to go to court, so it worked out that we were able to do the Zoo for a few hours then come meet him!

The kids were AWESOME.  Truly.  I kept texting Mike how good they were being!

And Patrick clearly is a lover: he wasn't fazed at all by the goat incident of 2015. haha!!

Always look for an excuse to toss in ^^^ that video. HAHA!

Patrick asked for my phone at one point and snapped this lovely gem.

We did a TON: rode the train (kids got to yell "ALL ABOARD!" too!), saw the penguins, flamingos, monkeys, polar bears, rode the carousel, went to the children's zoo...

...all before leaving by 11 to go surprise the kids and meet dad for lunch!

They loved seeing daddy's police van and seeing him in his police 'costume' (as Rosie calls it. haha!).

We went to Biggies for lunch and about 9??? years ago Mike and I went there and totally popped a pic of Scoots on the wall and IT IS STILL THERE!  So cool!

Our last summer fun day was literally the day before school started: we got invited to our friend's house for an end of summer pool party!

The kids had SO MUCH FUN with their buddies -- and loved the special treats of sno cones in the pool!

All in all, we had such an awesome summer together and although I am a little sad to see it go, I really am not because that means it's time for fall and time for #5 to get here!! 11 weeks from tomorrow (but who's counting?!?!) and I CANNOT WAIT!  Excited to see what summer 2020 looks like too :)

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