2019 Year Favorites From Alexandria Mooney Photography

Keeping with tradition here (just like I did in 2018), I present you with my end of the year, year in review 2019 favorites post! WOOT! (You can check out my separate birth stories year in review for 2019 here).

What a year it was indeed! So so so many families and stories captured (I think I took hundreds of thousands of pictures!!) and I picked out just a smidgen above 500 photos to highlight Alexandria Mooney Photography’s 2019 year in review.  I whipped up a quick 1 minute hyperlapse video and then an almost 5 minute full size video too below for your viewing pleasure.

2019 really was an amazing year — one that was very redemptive for me personally from all of the sadness and struggles 2018 brought.  I cannot believe how many people got in front of my lens this year, and I am SO EXCITED to see what 2020 brings in front of it too!  2019 really was amazing and I could just watch these amazing memories over and over again.  So much brightest and love and laughter.  I cannot wait for 2020…so excited to see what unfolds so soon as we greet the year in just a few days!

Thanks for all of the love and support and entrusting me to capture your families and memories — I am forever and ever grateful to all of you!!

one minute hyperlapse version

full version

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