2019's Black & White 365 Project


Year 4 -- 2019 -- of doing a year long project is in the books!  Another black and white year (just like 2016) and man, it was such a good one.

I've been reflecting and thinking a lot about this year, and trying to come up with a theme for 2020, and I think I've got it.  2020 will be a year of gratefulness.  Each day I'll capture something I'm gratefulness for -- could be big, could be small...but it will be a year of 'grate' and I am so excited to start TOMORROW! EEEKKKK!

#mooneybandw2019 was a good one...a really good one.  I didn't miss any days (wooooot!) and shockingly nothing got out of order either. YAY!

Here's 2019 in 365 tiny black and white squares...

And now, in video form, here's a quickie 1 minute version and a longer version, complete with the dates for each of the year's snaps!

one minute version

full version

And lastly, if you click here, you can scroll through my album in Google Photos if you want to stroll down 2019 a bit slower than those videos.

2019: you were an amazing one.  Definitely one for the books and such an amazingly redemptive year from 2018!  2020: you best bring it!!!

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