Christmas 2019

Christmas was delayed for us by a day this year in 2019...thanks to Teddy's bout with RSV.

BUT! We came home on the 26th and had a wonderful Christmas at home with our whole family, and got to see what Santa brought everyone, just a day later than most.

The big kids were such troopers with our change of Christmas plans.  None of them complained or anything, which made our 26th celebration that much better!

When we got home on the 26th with Teddy, Mike went to his parents' house to pick up the big kids and as soon as they got home they saw the living room and all of their presents and couldn't wait to dive in!

They were all SO FREAKING GOOD.  No whining, just lots of cooperating and excitement for their sibling to open their presents!  All 3 of the big kids helped Teddy hope his and it was so darn cute.

The big kids each got the big gift they asked Santa for: Patrick wanted a remote controlled car, Annie wanted a Calico Critters house, and Rosie wanted a Barbie Dream House.  Seeing their excitement to get those gifts (and all of the other ones) was just pure bliss.

Mike and I exchanged gifts too and hands-down my favorite from him was my new Office blanket, which Teddy helped show off.

Even though my Christmas posts in years past are much longer and full of more details about parties and such we went to as well, this year it was just our little family, celebrating a day later.  And it was perfect.  Not ideal, but we all were together and on the mend from Christmas sickness.  And I'll take it.  Because even though it wasn't how I wanted it, I had all of my babies here with me in our house (and one watching over us) and that will forever and ever make me so grateful.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Onto 2020, and I have high hopes of what an amazing year it's going to be!

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