Clark Came to Play

The past few days it's been unseasonably warm here -- in the high 50s!  While it's suppose to get cold again next week, we've been taking big time advantage of it and getting some outside playtime in after school (for like the hour that there is light once everyone gets home!).

On Wednesday, before the girls went to dance, we decided to clean up the yard a bit to setup the Christmas blow ups.  It was so nice out I brought Teddy out too and was holding him, and snapping pics and videos of the big kids as they played.

I posted in my Instagram stories some of these pictures and videos, and got like 15 replies about the orb that was in  I went back and flipped through the pics and videos I took and sure enough, there was a dancing orb in ALL OF THEM!

Isn't that crazy?! It's like it was playing with them!!

I am absolutely convinced it was Clark -- I swear I see him always through orbs and sun flares already -- and he came to play with his family on a warm day!  I could look at these pics and videos ALL OF THE TIME and it makes me so happy that our Clark was nearby and enjoying playing with his siblings.

Anyways, just wanted to share this little Clark sighting with you!  We miss him SO SO SO much. especially during the holidays, so it's always so special to see little parts of him here and there with our family.  We know he's watching over us every single day, and when we see things like this it just makes us really see that he TRULY is.

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