Another Chilly Day at the Zoo

Mother of the year here saddled the kids up in their coats and hats and decided to hit up the chilly zoo on a 28 degree winter morning...and it actually turned out to be an awesome day! 

Mike worked the night before so he needed to sleep and I needed to get the kiddos out of the house to burn off some energy!  So I decided it wasn't really *that* cold out and we'd hit up the Zoo.  I also maybe possibly just got a new lens that I had been dying to test out soooooo I needed an excuse to snap with that!

Welp, we were the only crazies it seemed to venture to the Zoo today...but IT WAS WORTH IT!  It was like we had the place to ourselves...exactly how I like it when we go!

Our first stop was to visit Kali the Polar Bear...and oh what fun we had with her! I think I went a little crazy with the snaps.  But, WORTH IT.  How cool are these?!?!

Kali sure was putting on a show and the kids LOOOOOVED it.  And so did I -- what a great polar bear we have at our Zoo!

We then hit up the penguins...which a lot of them were off somewhere else it seemed so it was kind of a letdown.  Oh well.

Next up was the seals and sea lions!

Much like Kali the Polar Bear, these guys and gals put on a show for us!

The big kids then wanted to see the snakes, and since it was inside I figured it was a good excuse to warm up for a bit. 

Gosh, these kids love those nope ropes.  Me, not so much. 

Check out this guy staring Patrick down!  I kept waiting for him to strike at the glass. EEKKK!

We then ventured over to the River's Edge -- thinking we'd see the hippos and elephants.  Welp, it must have been too chilly for them cause we didn't see them at all! Boo hoo!

We did have fun seeing a lot of fish and the cheetahs and taking pics as we walked the super long path of the exhibit.

Our last stop was the Butterfly and Insect house...and the kids loved that!

I didn't get any pics with the butterflies with my big camera because it fogged up instantly when I pulled it out!  It was so humid in there!

Teddy was a trooper and slept like the entire visit, but since we were going to go get lunch too I figured I'd feed him before we left.  I was going to just feed him in the car BUTTTT I noticed they had a lactation room in the main entrance part so we hit up that and OMG.  It was wonderful! 

Patrick snatched my phone and took a million selfies and such (after I snuck in a few selfies myself!) -- but it was the perfect little break (and snack for Ted!) for us before we left.

After nearly 3 hours at the Zoo with 4 kids, we decided we were spent and went to hit up IMOS before heading home for naps all around.  And, duh, I had to snap some pics in there too since I had my camera with me!

Oh Annie!  Quite the little character you are!

Naps were calling allllll of our names after lunch, so we wrapped up our meal and headed home.

Welp friends, that about sums up our fun little Saturday morning adventures!  It was a rare day of no photoshoots for me (now I have 2 on Sunday coming up!) -- so it was great to soak up some time with my kiddos.  The only thing that would have been better would have been if Mike were off and he joined us!  Oh well, next time! :)

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