New Park Adventures

Mike was off on this glorious, warm (60 degrees!!) Sunday and I didn't have any photoshoots!  A FEBRUARY MIRACLE!

We decided to pack up the kids and head to a new park about 20 minutes away in St. Charles -- I had heard about it and wanted to check it out.  It's got a super neat water feature for the kids to play in in the summer, so we'll definitely have to go back when it's warmer and it's turned on.

But the kiddos LOVED this park!  It was so cool and had so many cool features (like a sliding hill with cardboard, a giant spider web, a rolly slide, a super fast tube slide, and so much more!) and I so regret not bringing my big camera with me! GAH!

I did take a few of my favorites being the 'backwards' one the big kids always ask me to take of them!

So you'll have to settle for my iPhone snaps photo dump for now. haha!

A BLAST.  And seriously, the most perfect weather day!

Teddy supervised from his carseat stroller :)

My favorite thing that happened was the big 2 kids telling Annie to go down the slide and they'd catch her...

And they, in fact, failed to do just that. HAHAHAHAHA!  She didn't seem to mind; she'd get right up and run back up the hill to go down again!

We stayed for nearly 1.5 hours before heading back home -- and they all were BEAT!  We got home and had a quick lunch then everyone went down for naps.  The best winter morning EVER!  Especially looking at the forecast (brrr!) for the rest of the week too. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful new week!!  Spring is right around the corder and we can just taste it!! EEKKKKK!!!

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