Teddy at 3 Months

Holy Toledo.  Teddy is THREE MONTHS OLD today!

Little dude hit 13 weeks old yesterday and today is three whole months old!  I cannot believe it -- it is absolutely flying by.  He's officially 1/4th of a year old and it truly has gone by in a blink of an eye it feels like.

And keeping with our monthly pic traditions it seems, Teddy and I had a little photoshoot at 3 months old in his Swanky Shank 3 month onesie!  Goodness he is SO DARN CUTE!!

We skip month 3 at the doc (although we were just there like 2 weeks ago for his 2 month checkup! haha!) and don't go back until 4 months (which is closer to 5 months actually! HAHA! #4thkidproblems!), so you are left with your favorite mom stats until I can get the real ones to ya.

Here's those fun little recap stats for ya for month 3 with our Ted man...
  • Teddy weighs 14 pounds 3 ounces and is probably about 25 inches long.  He's just a shade under what Annie was at 3 months old...so he's catching up!
  • Teddy is rockin' 3-6 month clothes -- a few still 3mo ones and a few 6mo!  I'm guessing in the next few weeks he'll probably move up to 6 months clothes for good.  Really trying to guesstimate what size he's going to be this summer so I can start buying some cute swim and summer stuff for him (since we have zero of that size from Patrick since these two were born in opposite seasons!)
  • Little dude is holding his head up SOOOOO well!  He's been enjoying using his sit-me-up seat and gets better and better with holding it up everyday.  Hates tummy time still (shocker) but he's doing so much better with moving his head both ways and I think his torticollis is probably a thing of the future.  
  • I was kinda worried about Teddy's eyes and him being able to focus on things but as soon as I brought this up to his ped at his late 2 month appointment I swear the next day he was focusing on EVERYTHING and it was like something clicked and BAM!  He could see further than an inch or two in front of him.
  • His grunting days of his first month or so are longgggg behind him (thank goodness!!) and we don't hear these sounds from him all day everyday like we did when he was first born.  Dude has finally regulated himself it seems!  We do give him gas drops every now and again when it seems like his belly needs them, but overall he's an easy eater and toot-er.
  • Recently found his thumb!  He still will take a pacifier no problem, but every once in a while when he gets fussy he finds his thumb and pops it in to soothe himself.  He does this a lot especially overnight (yassss!!) which if I were to bet he'd probably ditch the pacis soon and just be a thumb sucker like his big siblings.
  • So I put on his little stat pic he averages 8 hours of sleep a night -- which is true!  Recently he's been doing more like a 9-10 hour stretch right off the bat, then another 3ish one before he's up for the day.  Last night he slept 7:45pm - 5:15am!! WOOOOOT!!! He then ate and went back to sleep until 8:30am.  Other nights he goes down around 7:30 or 8 and will wake up around 4am or so.  So again, averaging 8 hours...sometimes more, sometimes more like 7.  Most nights I do hear him fuss just a bit but before I can even go check on him he's back to sleep (found his thumb! Hallelujah for self-soothing!). But I'm thinking he's well on the way to consistently doing 10+ hour stretches and then hopefully 12+ reallllll soon too.  Fingers crossed!  Definitely the 'worst' Mooney sleeper thus far but honestly pretty awesome compared to other 3 month olds!
  • Teddy is still sleeping in our room -- and probably will be for a bit longer.  We want him doing closer to 12 hour stretches (so waking up around 7am or so) before we move him into Patrick/the boys' room.  I'm scared if we move him in there now and he wakes up at 5am or so Patrick will wake up and not go back to sleep!  Which is no good -- that growing boy needs all of the sleep he can get!  So as soon as Teddy is sleeping more consistently till like 7am+ he'll stay in our room (which is just in a pack and play on the other side of our bedroom wall outside of our closet...so it's almost like he's in his own room!).
  • Gah, I am usually SO GOOD about getting my kids on a good nap schedule -- and with Teddy, I suck.  He dozes off in the morning and then the same in the afternoon...and I've been terrible about actually laying him in his bed for naps.  Oops.  In the afternoon I've guiltily let him nap on my chest instead of laying him down and I'm not gonna lie, it's heavenly.  He's my last babe and I'm trying to soak in alllllll of the wonderful goodness of his baby self before he gets too big.
  • Dude is a breastfeeding champ!!  We hit 20,000 ounces donated last month and doesn't look like we'll be stopping anytime soon!  Loves his mama's milk SO MUCH!  Will take a bottle no problem (thank God!!) and we try to give him one a day...but honestly it's more like one every other day.  Oops.  But he still takes it so yay for that!  We've been using these Como Tomo bottles this go'round and he seems to love them! So yay for that.
  • Is a very chill dude.  Loves to look around and see what's going on and just loves to watch what his big siblings are doing!  He's getting better about being set down and not screaming for someone to hold him all of the time (which, side note, I'd love to do but sometimes I gotta get stuff doneeeee sans a baby on my lap!!).
  • Has the most gorgeous blue eye color which I feel like get prettier and more rich every single day!  I am so so so hoping they hang on and his eyes stay this pretty blue forever.  Fingers crossed!  They haven't changed yet so hoping they stay that way!!
  • Has a few nicknames, such as: Ted, Teddy Bear, Tedster, Mister Tedster (Annie's favorite name to call him), Ted Man, Tedward...those are just a few we call him!
  • Has been so stingy with his smiles but I feel like in the past couple of months he's been SO MUCH MORE GENEROUS with them and his dimply little smile just makes my heart burst into a million pieces!!
  • Overall Teddy is such a happy, chill babe and the most perfect little rainbow addition to our family.  I look back at where we were a year ago and truly am so so so thankful for this bright little one that came into our family after a very tough time.  He is just perfect and I cannot wait to watch him grow!
And now my favorite part of these monthly recaps...the comparison pics!

And lastly, all 4 babes at 3 months old!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for month 3 with Teddy!  I still cannot believe how fast it's going -- time better slow down!  Until four months my friends, adios!!

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