iPad. I want one.

I really REALLY want an iPad.  Do I need one?  No.  Heck no.  Do I want one?  YES!  Seriously, they are ah-mazing.  This past Tuesday I went to a technology conference and it seemed that every other person had one, and seemed like every other conference session used one in their presentation!  Therefore, this caused me to conclude: I must get one.  But who's got $500+ to shell out for a new gadget that they clearly don't need but just want?  I sure don't.  But wait!  The conference I was at is offering a virtual essay contest, and the winner gets an iPad!  So I seized this opportunity and whipped up the best virtual essay I could come up with to fit the criteria: pick your favorite online tool (i.e. Glogster, Animoto, Prezi, VoiceThread) and make a connection between your experience at METC and the conference theme "Motivate, Engage, Transform, Connect!"...so here's what I created...think I have a shot at winning?!! Check out the link below:

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