Okay, okay, I'll admit it...

I cannot, repeat CANNOT live without my iPhone.  I was reading one of my buddy's blogs about how her connection with her iPhone and her revelation that it'd be okay if she wasn't so tied to it...well, I'm not the same way.  I know, I know, I should be...I should be saying, "Oh, I do love my iPhone but there's so many other things in the world I need to look at and spend my time observing than playing on my iPhone."  Well, I'm not...and I can't.  Seriously, if I would have to severe the ties between me and my beloved iPhone, I'd probably lose it.  My parents joke that I can't go 30 minutes without looking at it--uh, FALSE.  I'm pretty sure when I'm sleeping I'm not on my iPhone.  But beyond that, they're right...it's very hard for me to go any extended length of time without my beloved gadget.

But let's be honest here, we're in a digital world where technology dominates.  Heck, I spent an entire work day last week learning about all the cool technology that is out there and even how to integrate using my iPhone in my own classroom!

Technology is the future people!  EMBRACE IT!  

This is exactly what I've decided to do...embrace technology.  Instead of defend myself to you about why I can't be disconnected from my iPhone, I'm going to instead tell and show you all of the awesome, amazing, incredible things it can do and how it's helped not only my life by my teaching too.  So sit back and enjoy learning about all of the awesomeness that comes with an iPhone.

I can post videos--either personal or ones I do for my kiddos--directly from my iPhone to my YouTube account or MobileMe gallery.

I can update multiple social networking accounts all at once from the same platform: HootSuite.

Anybody who knows me knows I'm a weather junkie...and with my iPhone I get live radar shots that allow me to zoom as far out as country-level and as far in as street-level so I can get my radar-tracking on.

This is the Air Mouse Pro app--I can control my laptop AND SmartBoard from my iPhone (type on it too!).

I have all of the important documents in US history available in one place...I can copy and paste from these as well as add notes and annotations.

My nook library is synced on my iPhone...I can read any of my nookbooks I've purchased either on my nook or my iPhone.

I have all of my photo galleries at my fingertips--so if anyone wants to see a pic from one of my many worldly adventures I've been on, I can pull it up in an instant.

I can access AND edit my GoogleDocs...which is super handy if I need to edit a document I've shared with a student or see a GoogleDoc they shared with me.

It takes me literally 30 seconds to refill one of my many prescriptions.  Besides being a walking health mess, this makes it SOOOO easy to get my meds when I need them.

There literally is an app for everything: finding your pet's age, a leveler, a massager, WHATEVER!  If you need your iPhone to do something, there is an app for it.

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