Late Night Revelations

Sometimes your greatest ideas, thoughts, revelations come to you during the night after you've settled down from your day and can just free your mind and think. Tonight, this is what happened to me, and I wanted to share it with you.

This blog is a PERFECT example of tonight's revelation: as awesome of a tool as the Internet is, whenever we use it, post something, comment on Facebook, send a tweet, we are leaving a digital footprint for others to find and potentially follow. I've had some conversations this week with people about this and I think it's a really important point to bring to light: you say something online, you're leaving your stamp there. In such a digital age who would suspect anything less though? We use the Internet to stay connected and reach out to people--but do we really know all of the people we are connecting ourselves too?

So here's my main thought: remember we leave a digital footprint when we use the Internet to communicate and share our lives. Really think about what you post and who your audience--both intended and unintended--is. Would you care if your buddies saw a pic you posted or a video? Maybe a blog? Would your boss? How about someone you don't particularly get along with? Your family? Some random person who you've never met? Coworkers? Young kids tooling around online? All good things to consider.

I know I post A LOT of things online; however, when I do I do so knowing--and being okay with--whatever audience chooses to look at my post. I will not say anything digitally if I wouldn't say it verbally, and that's kind of my mindset for the digital footprint I leave. Sometimes my posts are geared towards certain genres or personas, but they're again not anything I would want to hide from others. I put out there what I want to share--whether that's with my target audience or whoever stumbles upon it.

Anyways, this was just a late night thought for you to ponder...what footprint are you leaving for the world to see?

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