It's a big one...

The world, that is.  And hands-down, one of my favorite things to do is get out and see the world.  Heck, I'm a history teacher!  There's nothing better than visiting a place that is alive with a past...whether it is the pyramids in Egypt (although right now I'm okay with staying a safe distance away from that region...), battlefields from the Civil War, or 1000-year-old prisons in London.  I just absolutely love to get out there and travel, and will take any and every opportunity to do just that.  Here's some of my favorite travel pictures EVER (and you-betcha! I took all of these pics!):

 Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Palace at Versailles, France 

Paris' Underground 

New York City 

London, England 

The Berlin Wall, Germany 

Seattle, Washington 

North Shore, Oahu

Very soon Mike and I will be jetting off to London to visit some old friends I use to teach with (at WVS, pic below) as well as see the sights.

I'm pumped that I get to play tour guide for Mike in my favorite city--a place he's only been for about 24 hours on a flight layover.  I cannot wait for him to see the place where I use to live and spend any free day exploring all of the sights and rich history.  Gosh, this probably sounds waaaaaaay cheesy.  But it's the truth!  I love traveling and love getting to show someone else around places they've never been.  And no worries, Scootie will get to spend a week doing what he loves too--visiting his human relatives!     

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