WHOA NELLY.  What a weekend!  Seriously...it was one for the record books.  I know a lot of my posts (shoot, all of them!) since I've gotten back to this blog have been about Patrick...well, this post is all about my other baby, my furbaby, Scooter.

If you remember my first post back bloggin' about a month ago, I blogged about how Scooter got a job and is now a Beggin' partner.  Super awesome, right?!!  Well, it has been way awesomer and way cooler than we could have ever thought!  Not only is Scooter begin swaddled with tons of Beggin' swag, he also got to be a big part of the annual Beggin' Pet Parade in Soulard.

If you follow Scooter on Facebook or Instagram (or shoot, twitter too! He's a social media-fiend!), you've probably seen a few posts recently about him promoting the Beggin' Pet Parade--he was super excited about the upcoming festivities.  And Scooter is a big hashtag user (which, side note, I spent about 30 minutes Saturday evening explaining to Mike what a hashtag is for, and showing him how Instagram works...we'll see if he catches on), so he likes to hashtag most things he posts.  Lately, he's been all about the #BegginPetParade hashtag.

And I need to give a shout-out to Scooter's seamstress, Ann Pepin (my mom/Scootie's grandma).  How rockin' is his costume?!!  I mean, seriously.  BACON FABRIC.  Ah-mazing.  I found some online, ordered it, and my mom whipped up this number.  Super duper impressive.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with for Patrick's Halloween costume this year!

Well, the big Beggin' weekend has come and gone, and it was definitely a hit (for both Scoots and us!).  Mike was off Friday night for the Les Boondoggle event, and then took off on Sunday so he could accompany myself and VIP Scooter for the big parade.

Friday night was SO. MUCH. FUN.  Seriously.  We had an absolute blast partying with the Beggin' and Purina peeps at the Old Rock House downtown.  We got to meet Mandy, who's been our go-to gal with Kicking Cow Promotions, as well as a ton of other Beggin' peeps that we come across via social media.  Scooter loved being oogled-over by a lot of his social media friends and followers, and he really loved meeting a ton of new people as well!  One of his favorite (and shoot, mine too!) was meeting a fellow Beggin' partner, Norm.  Norm's dad Jeremy is one of the best photographers I have ever come across--he calls himself a "Normtographer" and has quite a following on Instagram--over 178,000 followers! DANGGGG!  It was awesome meeting Norm and Jeremy and getting to judge the costume contest with them.  We were actually the panel of celebrity judges!  Scooter, Norm, and Julie Tristan from KSDK (Scooter's favorite news station, who's given Scooter so much love the past couple years!!) were all the judges and they all did a fabulous job.

Dog in a bar. No big deal.

Scooter really loved being able to hang with his human friends at a bar, was so good (despite the loud band and drums) with all of the surroundings and other pups, and was a trooper staying up wayyyyy past his bedtime.  Friday night at the Boondoggle was just awesome.

Scooter's new buddy Norm.

Julie wanted a selfie with Scoots so she could send it to Scootie's KSDK BFF, Kay Quinn.

worn out pup.

Fast forward to Sunday--thankfully the Pet Parade was not right after the Boondoggle--I think Scoots would have been struggling if it was on Saturday instead of Sunday!  Sunday was the big event: the Beggin' Pet Parade.  To say we were excited was an understatement--I don't know if Mike or I was more excited for the day's festivities!

This is Scooter the morning of the parade.  He doesn't look like it, but he was super excited to have his costume on and head to Soulard for the parade! ;)

I should mention that Patrick got to spend a lot of quality time with his grandparents (on both sides!) this weekend--although we would have loved to bring him, a bar on Friday night and 25 degree windchills on Sunday were probably not appropriate places for an almost 10 month old baby to be.  So Scooter got to go back to being our only (fur)child for the weekend and have some quality time with his parents.

Before we went to the parade, we stopped by a friend of ours' house in Soulard to say hey and have Scooter run around and mingle with some of his dog friends.  Of course I used that as an opportunity to snap some pics of him looking dashing in his Beggin' costume.

We then headed down to the parade to meet up with all of the other dogs and Beggin' peeps.  Scooter got really excited to meet Norm again!  We actually got to spend most of the day walking with Norm and Jeremy in the parade and hanging out in the VIP tent!

 This is probably one of my favorite pics from the parade.

Scootie mid shake.  Kinda looks like he's gonna just flap those ears and take off! 

Scoots and Norm meet again!  #BegginPartners 

This was probably one of the coolest parts of the day: Scooter got to meet St. Louis' police chief Sam Dotson!  How cool is that?!!

All in all it was a great day.  Scooter got to meet so many new friends and followers, and had a blast "live-Instagramming" everything that he was doing throughout the parade.  This was definitely a jam-packed weekend for us and Scooter, but it was so worth it!  We loved meeting all of the Beggin' peeps and really hope we get to have many more weekends like this in the future!  Thanks Purina and Beggin' for everything...we love your food and treats (well, Scooter does!) and we love sharing that love with others!

Scooter in front of the #BegginPetParade social media board...notice a few pics of him?!!

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