Tech Nerd.

One of my favorite things to do, aside from anything related to Patrick or Scooter, is to present my love of technology to anyone who will listen to me.  Cue "HUGE NERD" flashing in the background as you read this.  (I embrace this sentiment, by the way).

I literally jump at the chance to not only attend tech conferences, but also to present at them.  A couple years ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Google Teacher Academy in London, England and I have since gained so many Google buddies and Google tools that I really have become an even bigger tech nerd than I was in the past. (side note: interested in more about my GTA experience?  Check out my application video here and my reflection post on my teacher blog here.)  With that, I want to show others all of the cool tools out there for teachers to use in their classroom!

One of the biggest regional tech conferences is held in St. Charles every February: the Midwest Education Technology Conference.  This is hands-down one of my favorite conferences to go to AND present at!  (side note: I hope one day I'll be able to attend/present at the International Society for Technology in Education conference!)

This coming Tuesday and Wednesday is the annual conference, and my buddy Lauren and I are (for the 3rd year in a row!) presenting on some cool tech tools.  In the past we've presented on social media in the classroom, Google Chrome, and virtual field trips.  I should mention that Lauren and I are a tag-team when it comes to conferences: we LOVE presenting at them together.  Besties who love presenting, I guess you could say.  We've presented at a TON of conferences: METC, every semester for Mizzou student teachers, Fontbonne University's Fall Tech Institute, MRH professional development days, and many others.  We are presentation junkies I guess.  This year, our presenting is all about Google Maps & Apps--we have some really cool tools to present on that are all FREE and Google-based.  I'm really pumped, because I did a very similar presentation with my friend Eric at the National Council for Social Studies conference back in November, and I really excited to present the same stuff (and some new parts too!) this coming week.

Gosh, if this post hasn't outted me as a huge tech nerd, I don't know what will.  I have to admit, I love me some technology.  If it's an Apple product or Google-based, I'm ALL OVER IT.

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