One Bunny of a Weekend!

Wow.  What a fun-filled weekend we had!  This weekend was a rare treat: both Mike and I were off all weekend and we didn't have too much on our plate already planned.  The next weekend Mike has off is a month from now, so we really try and savor these rare weekend treats where we're both home.

Saturday we spent the day baby-proofing the kitchen (still need to do the drawers: if anyone has a good suggestion for drawer baby-proofing, LET ME KNOW!  The push-down clasp thingies and the magnet locks DO NOT work on our we're looking for other options!), hanging some pictures shelves (which finally finished the decorating of our living/dining room!), and starting on Patrick's 1st birthday present (hint below!).  It was so nice outside on Saturday that we did get a little playtime outside--but not too much, my darn allergies were going crazy.  It never fails: whenever it's nice, outside, my nose is like a faucet.

new photo wall...glad that wall isn't naked anymore!

a hint towards Patrick's birthday prezzie from us... :)

Saturday night after we put Patrick to bed Mike and I built our first backyard fire and enjoyed sitting outside in the 70-degree (and windy!) weather next to the fire.  I really hope this becomes a staple this summer!  Although we definitely needed some s'mores to really make it a perfect night--I am literally writing that on our shopping list right now!  We love our backyard so much that we have been itching all summer for it to finally warm up so we could enjoy just sitting outside and talking about anything.  'Twas an excellent evening.

After Patrick's nap on Sunday (which actually we had to wake him up early from, and, side note, dude is angryyyyyy when he's woken up! like hysterically crying cause he's so peeved off he had to get up.  Definitely his dad's son) we headed down to my aunt Kate's lake house to visit my grandma Goose and meet the Easter Bunny.  Naturally, as the good mom I am, I leap at the chance for the stereotypical holiday photo of the {creepy} character and my child--so I was really excited that Patrick was going to meet the Easter Bunny.  Since this was a little more informal than our Santa meeting, I didn't have high expectations for a picture--I just wanted Patrick to have a good time.

His "wait, what do you mean there's no wifi in the car?!!" face. I completely sympathize with you little buddy.

isn't Kate's lake gorgeous?!! um, YES. LOVE being down there!

We, of course, brought Scooter too--because we couldn't let Patrick see the Easter Bunny without Scooter getting to visit him too.  After we had a short swing on the swing set, we headed up to get the boys' pictures with the Easter Bunny.

Okay, I'm gonna say it: I have yet to see an Easter Bunny that does not look creepy.  Seriously!  Every single giant bunny costume is scarier than the last...and this one was no different!  I don't blame Patrick one bit from wanting to wiggle out of his arms!  Ha!  At least he didn't cry though.  And Scooter naturally was a little {fur} ham for the camera and gave a nice little smile.

We also noticed on the way out that the playground/community center at my aunt's lake community is extremely discriminatory.  Seriously.  They were hatin' on Scooter on TWO different levels!  Not cool.

After our Easter Bunny encounter we then had a delicious dinner of ribs and cheesy hashbrown casserole at my aunt's with my grandma.  It was great getting to catch up with them both!  We don't see them nearly as much since they moved to the lake--which is about an hour away from our house, sad face--so it was soooo good chatting with them and letting them enjoy seeing Patrick cruisin' all over the house.

Naturally, about five minutes into our drive home Patrick fell asleep holding my hand.  I could have melted.  So.darn.cute.

And then Scooter requested to take a backseat selfie and Patrick nap-photobombed him in the background.  Awesome.

All in all it was a great family weekend.  I definitely look forward to these when Mike is off (and we don't have a thousand things planned) and we can do a lot of family stuff.  And now that it's getting warmer out--and that Patrick is older and more mobile!--I'm sure we'll have a lot more outings and family-packed weekends in our future, especially with summer so close!  Yay vacations!  Yay warm weather!  Yay pool dates!  Yay no school!  Yay all summer with my little man!

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