One Year Later...

A year ago today was my due date.  Remember my post about Patrick's birth story?  I went into detail about how I definitely thought Patrick would come well before my April 28th due date, then (so funny now...not so much then) he was 5 days late.  Anyways, a year ago was his due date and there were no signs that he'd be making his entrance.

One of my biggest pregnancy regrets (and what I vow to make sure to do next go'round) was that I didn't do weekly (or even monthly!) pregnancy belly photos.  My friend Tiff did these oh-so-cute weekly photos of her bump, and I totally want to do something similar next time.  Anyways, so with that said, I have very few pictures of me pregnant.  Mike and I did a little photo shoot when I was 35 weeks along, but that's about it.

I guess I just felt huge and fat and didn't want pictures of me.  However, I really regret not doing weekly photos--even if it was just for my eyes only!--of my bump.  For the next pregnancy I think I'll take advantage of our giant kitchen chalkboard wall and do pics in front of that and try and do some cool font doodles for each week.  I'd also like to (try and) wear the same outfit each week we'll see how that goes.

Anyways, one of the few photos I did allow to be taken was this one below on my due date.  Yes, a gigantic 10lb baby was squished inside of the hugeeeeeee tummy.  I do wonder how big he would have been if I'd have waited to go into labor on my own and wasn't induced.

So, since I'm a huge fan of the comparison/side-by-side pic, I made Mike snap this pic of me, sporting the exact same outfit--same pants, shirt, and jacket!--I was in a year ago.  I couldn't manage holding Scooter AND Patrick, so Scooter got sidelined and I just held my almost one-year-old.  The left pic was taken in the front yard of our old house, and the right one was taken in the front yard of our new house!

Wow.  Let me end with this: a whole lot can change in a year!  ...and I wouldn't change anything about it either :)

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