Easter 2015

As promised, I am here to detail all about Patrick's 2nd Easter before we go in oh-so-early tomorrow morning for #2's arrival (which, side note, I'm beyond anxious/excited about and, despite being very tired, I'm forcing myself to write this blog post to take my mind off of it for maybe a few minutes :).

Last year Patrick had a wonderful first Easter -- however, he wasn't walking, wasn't yet one, and I don't think really "got" what it was all about.  This year was a bit of the same story (despite however many attempts to read Easter-themed books to him!), but he definitely was excited that the Easter Bunny had come and left him some really cool stuff!

Patrick woke up a little before 9am, and Mike and I hurried to hide some Easter eggs in the living room so he could have his own little egg hunt before breakfast (more on that later).  After we hid the eggs, we went and got the little guy up and kept telling him the Easter Bunny had come!  When he got into the family room and saw his basket sitting on his chair he went CRAZY.

He inspected every little thing in his basket, lined up his new Hotwheels cars, and then immediately took his new remote controlled police car for a spin.  To say he was obsessed with that is an understatement--he was in heaven!  He thought it was the coolest thing EVER.  I'm sure this will be his new favorite toy for the next many days.

After he played for a bit with his new toys, we had a little Easter egg hunt for him in our living room.  We hid 12 eggs for him to find, and I put one peanut M&M in each of the eggs.  Well, wouldn't you know it?!  A certain someone had to open every.single.egg. that he found and consume it's treat inside before finding another one.  And parents of the year here let him do it, cause YOLO, right?!  Wasn't worth the fight.  And he was loving it!  Plus, it's not every day you have an egg hunt when you wake up in the morning.

Patrick then indulged in a hearty breakfast of eggs and fruit before relaxing on the couch with his daddy watching Easter Parade before we had to scoot off to both of our families for more Easter fun.  How cute is this pic I snapped of Patrick cuddling with his daddy on the couch?!!  I die.  This kid makes my heart melt.

After we all got dressed I snapped a few pics of Patrick is his oh-so-dapper attire (I'm sure my outfit of choice for him will come back and bite me in the future, but, oh, well.  Cause, come on!  Suspenders!  His face!  I dieeeee!!) as well as our last family of 4 pic before #2 comes oh-so-early tomorrow (OMG.  I can't believe it).

We then headed off to my parents house for Easter brunch with my mom's side of the family.  Wow.  The food.  Ah-mazing.  Maybe it was cause I was super hungry, but geez-o, I sure enjoyed it.  And Patrick did too--he woofed down an entire plate of deliciousness.  What a little tank.

We couldn't stay too long cause we had to scurry off to the Mooneys, but before we did we got some family pics snapped by my uncle Jimmy.  This first one of Patrick: I die.  AGAIN.  (I've died a lot in this blog post, sheesh Alex).  He is just such a dapper little fella!  And his hat!!  It's perfect.  I need to find one in bigger sizes so he can continue to sport it as his noggin' grows.

At the Mooneys it was really pushing Patrick's nap time.  He was starting to be super whiny, so we thought we'd get him down for a nap right away...AFTER another Easter egg hunt of course!  Patrick and his cousin Lizzy had a gigantic yard to comb through for a TON of Easter eggs.  And it was so cute that all of their aunts and uncles were out there helping them find the TON of eggs grandpa hid for them!

Not gonna lie: I was pooped.  I stayed camped out on a chair and let Mike (and his aunts and uncles) follow him around.  Mike got some good pics and an adorable little video of him hunting for eggs as well.

After all of the egg hunting madness, we *attempted* to lay Patrick down for a nap at the Mooneys, but he wasn't having it (I don't blame him--he knew all of the fun that was going on just outside!  He wanted to keep playing!).  So we decided to pack him up and head home so he could take a late nap in his own crib AND I could get this blog written AND (more importantly!) get the rest of my stuff packed for my hospital stay this week.  Mike promptly fell asleep on the couch about .3 seconds after Patrick did the same in his crib.  Boys were tired!  Of course I totally could have napped too, but I resisted cause I want to be able to go to sleep tonight (for at least a little bit!) before my anxious nerves wake me up way before my 4am alarm is set to.

Anyways, it was a wonderful and fun Easter with my little fam--an absolutely gorgeous day and I loved watching Patrick get so excited and interact with everything around him this holiday.

However, I'm not gonna lie: I am way excited about what tomorrow morning is going to bring to our family and sharing the news with everyone if it's a he or she and how big he or she is!  Until then, have a great Sunday evening and rest of your Easter! :)

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