Photo Dump

The title says it all.  Ha.  This post is literally a photo dump of oodles of pics I've taken recently that I apparently haven't blogged about...cause, for some reason, this is the only thing I've been thinking/talking about here lately!  Can you say anxious much?!!

Patrick is quite the fashionista.  He's lately developed a love for wearing hats and luckily allows me to still pick out his clothes (albeit ridiculous outfit choices) and snap these cute little pics of him.  I think these Heisenberg pants are on their way out--a wittle tight, but gosh, how cute does he look in them?!!

I've posted a'many pics on instagram of my beloved favorite donuts.  Mike really spoiled me this last stent of his on nights and would bring these donuts home with him a lot.  This place opens at 11pm -- right when he was getting off work -- so it was perfect timing for him to get some fresh baked donuts and for me to chow down on the 8 hours later when I was getting up for work.  Seriously, if you're in STL, check out John's Donuts.  They are hands-down my fave.

Again with the hats.  He sure loves them...and I sure love capturing that little hammy smile of his sporting them.

I've been playing around with our new GoPro recently and I captured this pic remotely while it was strapped to Scooter's back.  Total accidental capture but I love the way it turned out.  Definitely gives you an insight as to what he sees from his perspective.

My little reader!  He recently was sent some books from a friend of ours and he loves "reading" them over and over again...although reading to Patrick is turning the pages at a lightning-fast pace and getting irritated with me if I try to actually read all of the words on the page.  ADD reader he is.

Target shopper.  That face.  That hat.  I die.

Patrick's new favorite thing is to play in Scooter's crate.  This is new for him, since the crate has always been in the basement, but recently we brought it up to keep Scoots in when we're gone because someone (nudge-nudge, Scooter) developed a habit of going potty in the house like immediately whenever we'd leave.  So, crate it is when we're gone.  Anyways, Patrick loves it and loves to lock himself in it -- and try really hard to soiree Scooter in there with him.  Scooter's always like "nope" and walks away.

So due to some logistical issues with both of our cars, we had to turn Patrick's carseat around to forward-facing about a month earlier than we planned.  However, to be fair he's just a few pounds and like an inch or so away from having to be switched around anyways due to weight/height requirements anyways, but still, mom guilt struck that I flipped him "before" he turned 2.  But we HAD to.  He was rear-facing behind the passenger seat in both of our cars, but when we went to install the infant carseat bases behind the driver's seat in both of our cars there was no way Mike would be able to drive with his seat scooted that far up.  So, we had to flip Patrick around, put him behind the driver's seat, and install the infant bases behind the passenger side where there's more room.  Have I told you how much I want a minivan?!!  I.WANT.A.MINIVAN. like now.  Hoping our city house sells SOON so we can make this happen!

Earlier this week was Mike's 36th birthday!  1. I am so glad #2 didn't come early and steal his day.  I really think everyone should have their own day so I'm glad #2 will not share a birthday with any of his/her immediate family.  Anyways, it was a great day celebrating for Mike, and we were so happy we got to spend the evening with him (aka he wasn't working!) so we could do dinner, presents, and celebrate.  Patrick and Scooter got him some neat prezzies: a new ceramic non-stick frying pan (cause Mike loves making eggs for Patrick every morning!), a hot dog roller/cooker that he'd been eye-balling, a new Muppet shirt, and a parmesan cheese shaker!  Laugh if you will, but these are all gifts Mike loved and totally wanted (he's so practical :)

I had ordered this donut fabric a while back and my mom made me an awesome new cover for my boppy pillow.  Well, she had extra laying around and offered to make me a donut headband (!!!!) so, duh, of course i took her up on it!  How awesome is it?!  Debating on wearing it to my c-section on Monday...cause we all know how much I love donuts.

My awesome co-workers at school threw me an unexpected little baby shower my last day on Wednesday!  It was so nice of them (and yes, there were donuts there!) and they truly showered me and #2 with a lot of love!  How cute is this little motorcycle riding bear?!  So darn cute.  Even though we use cloth we ALWAYS have backup disposables around just in case :)  So these will definitely come in handy.

While I was at work earlier this week Patrick had a playdate with his buddy Hannah (Hannah's grandma and my mom are good buddies).  I kept getting all of these pics text to me throughout the day and I thought they were so cute!  Patrick loves hanging out with his little friends and I love capturing (or sent captures!) of their interactions and playtime together.

Patrick is officially in all 3T clothes.  I can't believe it!  He's growing like a weed (still!).  I snapped this pic of him earlier this week wearing his new dinosaur-footed jams (and holding my Applecheeks storage sac).  He's totally like, "WHAT mom?!!"  Hehehe.  His expressions just kill me.

Yesterday, since I was off work, we went to my friend Robyn's house with my mom to help (well, my mom helped, I mostly sat on the couch like a beached whale) with TinySuperheroes stuff.  I snapped this pic of Patrick being so nice and helpful giving Milo (who turns 1 today!  Happy birthday buddy!) his binky back before he waited .2 seconds and snatched it back out of his mouth and ran off with it.  Oyyyy.  Can't wait to see how "sweet and sour" Patrick is with #2 when he/she comes home.  Stay tuned for that.

And this.  I'll end with this.  How twinsies are they?!  I snapped this last night in a rare moment when hurricane Patrick was actually SITTING STILL and not running laps around the house pulling out all of his toys.  So sweet.  And they totally have the same expressions.  Definitely father and son (and makes my mommy heart melt!).

So, yes, giant photo dump and some updates.  Hope you've enjoyed it :)  I'm sure there will be a'many more photo dumps coming soon...with oodles of baby spam, cause, even though I tried to steer this post away from talking all about baby #2, I just can't!  It's on my mind people!  In less than 72 hours he/she will be here!  COME ON!!  How can I not be excited about that?!!  Anyways, thanks for reading...have a great Easter weekend!  I'm going to try and snap some pics of our Easter festivities and do one last non-baby #2 related post (keyword: TRY) before Monday morning comes.  Have a good one friends!

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