Great Cloth Diaper Change 2015

It's no secret around here that we love our cloth diapers.  Both Rosie and Patrick's bum's are 98% clothed in cloth and we absolutely love it.

About a month ago I saw on Facebook this event (and vaguely remembered a few friends posting about going to it last year) and was like, "OMG, yep!  We totally need to go to this!"  Then I looked at the date: 12 days after #2 was due to arrive via c-section.  Ekkkk.  That may be pushing it, but, alas, I went ahead and registered for 2 kids to be changed.  I figured I could always bail at the last minute if I wasn't feeling up for it, considering I just had major surgery less than 2 weeks ago.

Well, Thursday of this week came and it was like "BOOM." --all my pain was gone.  I'd been battling since we got home last Friday this sharp, burning pain on my left side of my incision that literally would cripple me into sitting down when it'd spring up.  I even called my doc for more percocet at the beginning of this week cause it hurt so bad.  I don't know what happened, but when I woke up on Thursday that pain was all gone!  Don't get me wrong, my stomach is still sensitive and sore, but nothing that a few ibuprofen can't handle.  Heck, we even went to the park yesterday AND I got to wear Rosie in my new Tula for the first time (which felt great, by the way!)

Anywho, Saturday rolled around and we woke up about 8:30am -- I felt very well rested, seeing as Rosie only woke up to be fed twice (!!!!) last night.  I'm sure it was a fluke, but whatevs.  I felt great and was totally ready to go to the GCDC.  AND since I'd been off my pain meds for 24+ hours I cleared myself to drive -- SO LIBERATING.

Luckily my amazing mom said she'd come along with Mike and I and the kiddos (which I'm so glad she did...was great to have an extra pair of hands there!).  The change didn't start until 11am, but we left at 9:45am because I wanted to make sure we were one of the first 50 people there so we could get a swag bag.

We were indeed one of the first 50 people there, and I'm pretty sure Rosie was the youngest kiddo there being changed!  It was fun to see all of the other cloth obsessed mamas (and some daddies) there; most of them wearing their kiddo instead of pushing them in the stroller (Patrick) and carrying them in the carseat (Rosie) like we were.  Don't get me wrong, I love to baby wear, but it's just way easier to push Patrick in the stroller and keep Rosie locked up in her carseat for now.  I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be singing a different tune when I'm feeling 100% myself again.

Anyways, my cousin Adrienne, her hubby Jeff, and their son Cole (who's about 8 weeks older than Rosie) were there too!  They are doing cloth with Cole and are loving it, which makes me love it so much that Adrienne and I have something to talk about!

So the change was suppose to start at 11am, well, 11:15am came and they were just clearing us out of the room to line up to then bring us back in (so they could get an accurate count).  Yeah, let's just say Mr. Wiggles was not having all of this waiting.  Again, so thankful for my mom that came and seemed to wrangle Patrick and chase him all over when he was released from his carseat.  Patience is not that boy's strong suit (yet???)...but, his cuteness sure makes up for his craziness, am I right?!!

So once we were herded back into the room, it was changing time!  This went pretty fast (thankfully -- a little boy was getting sleepy and a little girl was getting hungry!).  Here's the kiddos pre-change...

And then post change!  How flippin' big does Patrick look?!!  35ish pounds compared to 9ish pounds.  This really makes him look HUGE!

After the change we hung around for a little bit as they gave away some door prizes (bummer, we didn't win any!  Oh well.) and then headed back home with freshly changed kid's booties. 

We did score some new cloth wipes in both of our swag bags (which I'm super pumped about because I was just about to order some more since the 60+ we have aren't enough for our two kiddos right I don't need to do that!) as well as a bunch of samples and other cloth goodies, which alone made this {free} event worth going to!

I think we all had a blast (Mike kept saying, "this is your heaven!" --and he's so right!  I love cloth stuff!) and will definitely be going again next year...hopefully just with Rosie in dipes and Patrick will be potty trained by then (ha!  We'll see.  I'm not optimistic.  He'll potty train when he's ready; I'm not pushing it!).  Until 2016's GCDC, we'll be sportin' our fluffy butt's all year! :)

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