Grant's Farm Friday

On this fine Friday my mom and I decided to take the kiddos to Grant's Farm--Patrick and Rosie's first trip there!

The weather looked sketchy in the afternoon, but we were going to just go in the morning--right when they opened so we would beat the crowds and lines.  Patrick actually spent the night at my parents, which was a lifesaver because I didn't have to get up extra early to get both burritos ready to make it to the Farm by that was nice.  PLUS!  Rosie slept a glorious 8 hours--9pm to 5am--last night and it was a wonderful WONDERFUL way to start off our Friday and weekend.  Gosh, I hope it continues!  --It should, girlfriend is already up to 14lbs and clearly her rolls prove she can sustain herself for long periods of siesta time.

Anyways, so once we got to Grant's Farm it was definitely getting crowded.  GREATTTT.  I hate crowds.  But we were able to hustle and get to the tram (choo choo for Patrick) and see all of the animals on the way to the main part of the Farm.  Patrick loved seeing all of the different animals on the tram, especially the "ducks"--he pointed and yelled "duck!!!!" at nearly every one he saw.  So darn cute.

Not thrilled for our tram selfie.  Ha.  Anyways, once we got off the tram we immediately headed over to get some milk and feed the goats.  OMG.  Patrick LOVED this!  This kid loves any and all animals and is not scared of them one.single.bit.  

We actually had to go back and buy some more milk cause he was so obsessed with feeding them.  Quite adorable.  Rosie was a peach and slept the entire time in the Tula.  Such a good little girl she is.

After feeding the goats, we headed over to check out the other animals they had out.  This is what I love about Grant's Farm--they let you get up close and personal with all of the animals!

My favorite part of the day was probably letting Patrick feed the camels.  OMG.  This kid is so.much.braver. than me!  Seriously.  No way would I do this!  But alas, this kid of mine has zero fear and let the camel eat right out of his hand!

SERIOUSLY!  How flippin' brave is he?!  Mama heart is proud.

We then had a quick beverage (applesauce for Patrick) break before heading to see the animal show, then hustling back home before the torrential rains hit.

Again, Rosie was a little dear and snoozed the entire time we were there, minus a little milk break for her during the animal show.  She makes going out with both of them (at this point!) a breeze!  Ha!  I kid, definitely not a breeze but a lot easier than being a screaming babe :)

Anyways, it was a fantastic first trip to Grant's Farm and both my mom and I and the little taquitos had a blast!  Can't wait to do it again with them soon! :) 

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