That Smile.

Rosie has been in this world for six whole weeks now (I'll just ignore typing out the fact that it's flown by and I can't believe she's THIS OLD now) and has yet to really crack a good solid smile.  Her expressions are stoic and stern.  I was convinced she was going to grow up and having permanent resting bitch face (see here) cause girlfriend does not like to smile.

Yep.  This is pretty much how she looks all.the.time.  I mean, occasionally she'll toss in a few varieties of this game face, but that has been about it.

I remember Patrick smiling much earlier than sister bear, so I was skeptical we were ever going to see a real, non-gas related smirk outta her anytime soon.  Side note: I'm pretty sure her aunt/godmother Lauren has already told her about resting bitch face and to never ever crack a smile. Ha.

BUT!  Alas!  I was wrong (thank the good Lord above.  I like serious children but not too serious, am I right?!) and a few days ago we took a lovely family stroll after dinner down the path and to the park so Patrick could burn off some steam before it was time for siestaland.

Love that sun flare, huh?!  Yeah, me too.  Anyways, when we got to the park Patrick took off like a wild man with Mike chasing him and I stayed by the stroller to supervise Scooter and Rosie.

Well, Rosie was wide awake and bright eyed and making some goofy faces--definitely not her usual stern look she always has upon her.  Of course, I had my phone whipped out documenting these crazy faces of hers cause they were oh-so-cute and her blue eyes were so big and pretty (nice sunset lighting! Thank you stlwx!).

Anyways, among the thousand snaps Rosie all of a sudden cracked so.many.adorable.smiles.  I kept snapping away and was squealing with delight as Mike came hustling over to see what I was making a fuss about (he was happy to see her smile, but clearly not as slap-happy crazy as I was--come on! 

Her first smile!  I'm sure insignificant a year from now, but whatevs.  It was adorable and awesome and happening now--I just love that little grin of hers!  

I guess no longer will she always have that stern look about her--just most of the time :)  BUT!  I know--we all know!--what she's capable of, and I'll be waiting, iPhone armed, to capture another one of her game-face breaks.  Stay tuned.

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