One Lucky Mama.

The title says it all: I'm one lucky mama.  I've been blessed with two amazingly awesome kiddos, and I'm feeling extra special with them calling me mom today--being as it's my third Mother's Day.

We had absolutely nothing planned today, mostly because Mike had to work at 3pm (boo. but! it's his last evening on nights for three weeks! YA-freaking-HOO!!!!), so we just played chill out around the house.  Plus, the weather forecast said rain all day, but the weathermen are dirty liars and it turned out to be gorgeous and sunny all morning.  Go figure.

After a delicious breakfast of my favorite things ever (donuts, duh.), we played with Patrick for a while before Mike suggested we go outside and he snap some pics of me and my babies for Mother's Day.  Twist my arm.  You all know how I feel about pictures :) --I practically raced out of the door!

Have I said how awesome of a photographer Mike is?!!  He's really good.  And we're shooting a wedding (!!!) together next month and we're really jazzed about it!  He's officially my second photographer for Pics & Paws.

Anyways, how amazing are these pics he snapped of me and the kiddos?!!  I can't get over them.  They're gorgeous, and I love how he captured the ones of Patrick hugging my face and looking at my eyes. I could cry--these are so darn sweet.  Best Mother's Day gift ever!

I then grabbed the camera to snap a few other pics of the kiddos and Scooter--cause we all know I can't pass up an opportunity to snap away.  Ha.

We then headed inside to have lunch--Lion's Choice, my fave!--before it was time for afternoon siestas.

It was an absolutely perfect Mother's Day--we actually have dinner plans at my parents tonight, but Mike's at work, so I'm kinda ending my Mother's Day now cause he's gone for the day.  He did get me the new Apple Watch as my gift (along with donuts and turtles from Crown Candy), but it hasn't come in yet. More anticipation on my end waiting for it to come!!

There actually was one hiccup for today: Crib Gate 2015.  Someone who's name starts with a P and ends with an 'atrick' has recently learned how to climb out of his crib (nooooooooooo!!!!).  We frantically childproofed his room even more, moved bookshelves and changing tables around blocking off outlets and cords, and took all fun things out of his room so if he does get out he's got nothing to play with.  We lowered his crib mattress even more, but today at nap time he STILL managed to climb out.  We're totally prolonging the enivitable that he needs a toddler bed, but we're trying one more thing--flipping the tall sides of his crib outward instead of against the wall--before we go the toddler bed route.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll update soon with more on Crib Gate 2015--really I'm in denial that he can actually get out AND that he's big enough for a toddler bed.  So for now we desperately try and hang on to the crib life for however much longer we can.

So that's about all I've got for Mother's Day...I hope all my mama friends out there had a great one!  I sure did!

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