Christmas Spirit

A year ago I posted this all about getting into Christmas spirit with Patrick and Scooter underneath the Christmas tree.  Well, almost exactly a year later, I decided to do the same thing with our new addition as well!  Actually, I snapped these pics on two different occasions (and am combining them into one're welcome!) but wanted to share them with you because they are just too cute not to.

First off, Rosie's rolls and baby boobs KILLLL MEEEE.  She is just so deliciously chunky I could eat her up!  And the fact that Patrick always wants to have his arms around her is just the cutest thing ever.  

Our favorite diaper brand Applecheeks featured Rosie (wearing her Applecheeks Delishmas diaper) on their Instagram page and I just melted again.  Gahhhh!  I'm biased, but how cute is she?!!  #Idie.

Anyways, I decided to wrangle the kids one more time (Ha! Who am I kidding?!! Remember my post wayyyy back in March about the things I was excited about having another kiddo?!  MATCHING OUTFITS was one of the things! --I'm sure I will be guilty of many more matching outfit occasions with them to come.  Stay tuned.) for a matching jammy pics with the jams I grabbed from Amazon that make them look like adorably cute candy canes.

So we are most definitely getting into the Christmas spirit around here!  Our Christmas cards should be delivered from Shutterfly in the next few days, so I'm excited to get those in the mail and sent out!  I just love this time of the year and love that Patrick is old enough this year to (kind of) understand what's going on.  AHHH!  I just love the holidays!

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