Hellllllllooooooo Christmas Break!

It is officially Christmas Break 2015 and I am sooooooo excited about it.  I cannot believe the school year is half way over (WHATTTT?!!) but I am very much looking forward to the next couple weeks off with my babies and celebrating the holidays.  Mike is off for Christmas this year and I could just scream for excitement -- it is sooooo much better when he's home for the holidays!

The kids new obsession is the train around our Christmas tree.  Rosie and her chubby little feet could watch it all day long, and Patrick likes to sit behind his Ro Ro and help her watch his "train engine" go around and around.  It is so cute.

Earlier this week, since I had half days with finals, Rosie and my mom went and visited my grandma (or "Great" as she's called by the great grandkids) at her rehab hospital.  Rosie got her first taste of ice cream drumstick and we got a 4 generation selfie and hand pic (my mom's idea).  It was fun getting to catch up with her...but I will gladly pass on the food next time.  YUCKKKKK city.

I ordered some new business cards for my Pics & Paws Photography photog services (I designed them in Photoshop with my beloved chalkboard background) and I am sooooo excited to get them in soon.  I don't hand them out too often, but I like having them in case I do.  And my old ones are out of date so I wanted to get some new ones made with my new logo and such on them.

Mike and I had a date night last night where we went to dinner and saw Wicked (for the 35th time for me!) and it was soooo nice to get out just us two! --Patrick has a sleepover at my parents and Rosie hung out with Papa Mooney at our house.  We don't do this often, so it was a nice treat for both of us to have a kid-free date night.  I told Mike after we got home we need to make an effort and try and do them a little more often (I think our last one was several months ago!) because they are sooooo good for us and our marriage!  Adult time is so needed...and often :)

I won a photo contest through Cotton Babies instagram a few weeks ago and the prize came this week -- a 2T "Albert" (Einstein) hoodie!  Since it's a tad bit for Rosie, Scooter modeled it for me with the matching diaper for a thank you pic.  Gosh, I just love how awesome Instagram is!  Helllllloooo freebies! :)

We went to the grocery store earlier this week and I (the horror!) forgot the Tula and this is the lovely resting bitch face Rosie greeted me with pretty much our entire trip.  Girlfriend isn't a fan of the shopping cart and would much rather be in her Tula.  Sorry sister bear, I won't do it again! :)

This morning we made a mad dash to Tarjay to get a few last minute holiday items (in hopes that we don't have to go back there till after Christmas...I love Target, but I do not love how crowded it is!) and of course I snapped a selfie.  It got oh-so-cold the past couple days so the kids were sporting their adorable hats and coats in the store.  Patrick really likes his "puffy coat" as he calls it.

Above: 2013 Patrick and Huck and 2015 Patrick and Huck.  In literally a few minutes the Terrys will be coming to visit us for the next several days!!!  WE.ARE.SO.EXCITED.  I took Patrick up there to visit them in Michigan in July of 2014, so I am so excited they are coming to visit us this time!  The boys are each 2.5, and Eloise is 9.5 months, so just about a month older than Rosie.  Hopefully I will do a nice long photo-filled recap post later this weekend or early next week all about our adventures with the Terrys in town!  I have a few things planned so stay tuned for that...and obviously I'll probably be overgramming like crazy all weekend with them in town too!!

Ekkkk!  Okay, I need to go finish up the laundry and such before they arrive...so I'll conclude this start of Christmas break post with a few random snaps from this past week.  Enjoy...and happy Friday friends!  Have a great weekend!

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