By the Window...

This morning it was absolutely GORGEOUS out and since I’m still being a hermit because my darn c-section incision STILL isn’t healed (and is still opened. YUCK.  Back to the OB tomorrow morning AGAIN.) we were cooped up inside...but!  I decided to whip out my camera because the light coming through the living room window was just gorgeous and screaming for me to snap some pics in front of it!

I actually snapped my friend Rachael’s new baby Michael’s newborn pics in our living room yesterday because the lighting was so amazing, and this morning it was doing the same thing!  Rosie, shockingly, wasn’t being as big of a sass pants as she usually is (probably cause she woke up on her own and wasn’t awoken from her slumbers) and actually agreed to smile for some pics for me!

Naturally Annie was passed out so I only got this one snap of her…

But Rosie (and Scooter too!) were just hams for the camera and I couldn’t stop snapping enough.  The more and more I use my new camera the more I love it and notice what a big upgrade it was from my mark iii (previous version) I had (which took awesome pics but I feel like this one really REALLY takes even awesomer pics!).

I’ve been playing around with some new editing styles and I continued with these pics and I’m loving how they turned out...especially the black and white ones.  They are just so dark and vibrant and I loveeeeeee the way they look!  I may have to get a few of them printed :)

Anyways, that’s about all I’ve got for this short and sweet little post (read: photo dump) on this Thursday!  This weekend is a busy one -- we have my sister in law’s diaper party/birthday party/Mardi Gras party on Saturday morning, then my dad’s 60th birthday shindig on Saturday night, then Annie’s baptism on Sunday! BUSY WEEKEND!  So I’m sure you’ll get a post or two detailing that (especially cause I can’t wait to share what we got my dad for his gift!!) after the weekend’s over.  Excited, aren’t you?!  Have a good one friends!

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