Tuesday Tid Bits

First off, I cannot believe sister bear is THREE WEEKS old today!  Seriously, how freaking fast has it gone?!  She'll be ONE MONTH OLD next week and I cannot believe it.  Days are really flying by and life just seems to be speeding up instead of slowing down...which I'd like it to do a wittle bit so I can savor all of these new baby goodness.

I got my act together this morning while Annie was napping and did a quick blog post on my photog website with some recent snaps I've taken of the kiddos with my big camera.  I miss snappin' SO MUCH and am anxious to get back into it but am taking a couple more weeks off before taking on any big (outdoor) shoots, so taking pictures of my own kiddos here and there will have to suffice until then.

I'm biased.  I know.  But golly I've got some cute kiddos!  And very cooperative models...the oldest and youngest ones the most cooperative as of late...cause Ro is a DIVAAAAAA lately and girlfriend is not easy to get to agree to let me take pics of her.

I've been playing with some new editing styles (per my buddy Tiff's recommendation) and I'm LOOOOVING the looks of these!  I don't know if I really have a "set in stone" editing style -- I tend to waiver back and forth between vibrant, matte, and film, but gosh it's fun to play and see what I can come up with.

We've gone to the pool the past couple days and we totally lucked out because we were the only people there!  Well, I mean there were others there but they weren't in the pool where the kids were so they had it entirely to themselves!  It was awesome.  It was probably because it's so warm outside and people were at the park instead of the indoor pool...buttttt mama here is happier just sitting and watching at the pool instead of chasing the kids around at the park so the pool won :)

On Saturday Annie and I went to my sister in law's baby sprinkle and my friend Sarah and her new baby Violet were there too!  Annie and Violet are birthday twins -- both born on 1/31 and they're just an hour and 17 minuets apart!  How fun is that?!  We had to get some pics of the girls together and they were clearly thrilled with it :)

Annie has really been enjoying some couch siestas lately, especially on her tummy.  I think she'd sleep sooooo much better on her tummy overnight, BUT I'm a good rule-follower and will continue to put her on her back until she can roll over and sleep on her tummy herself...which if she takes after her chunkalunk sister won't be until like 9 months old.

Patrick got to spend oodles of time lately at the lake -- his home away from home! -- and he absolutely LOVES it down there.  I love how much fun he has with his KiKi and all of the stories we pry out of him of their adventures when he returns home.  Actually Rosie is off on her first lake adventure last night and tonight so it looks like these two will probably fight over who gets to go to KiKi's lake on the weekends!  Haha!  I am SOOOO beyond thankful that they have an amazing KiKi who spoils them rotten and takes them for days on end on fun little escapades down to her lake house!

Ahhhh, speaking of Rosie, here's some snaps of sass pants in her natural states -- happy as can be and super pissed off.  She can turn it on and off just like that and I'm sure as she gets older and older the sass will just keep coming out more and more (greatttt).  BUT!  She is happy as can be and sweet as pie too, so that helps balance out her little attitude.

I honestly don't remember either of the older two kids sleeping as much as Annie does!  She really sleeps ALL DAY LONG (and most of the night too!).  I mean, I guess I should embrace it, but I do like when she's awake and we can interact and play with her too!  Her big ol' eyes (just like her big brothers) SLAY ME!

I did get her playmat thingy out and she was like "WHAT IS THIS THING?!!" and then proceeded to scream and cry so I don't think she was a fan.  We'll try it again soon.  Maybe.

Lastly I'll end with this picture of Patrick half off his bed full of so much crap.  The plan is, since Annie is a girl, next fall or winter move Patrick back to the Cardinal room and get him a new bed (actually we already have it we just need to put it together!) and put Rosie in his current toddler bed and Annie in Rosie's bed and make Patrick and Rosie's current room the "girls room" and then Patrick is back in his own room once again.  Stay tuned for that.

That's all I've got for this riveting blog post of Tuesday tid bits.  So exciting, isn't it?!  Maternity leave is wonderful but also wonderfully boring for the blog cause I feel like every post is the same: photo dump and explanation of what we've been doing.  So exciting for you, I'm sure :) Anyways, have a good one friends!

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