Mooney Monday

Ahhhh, Monday.  I still have it in my head that I have to go to work tomorrow for some reason -- when I most definitely DO NOT have to work for many more weeks! -- so it feels weird to be sitting here on a Monday not at school.  BUT!  I did spend a few hours getting some school stuff done this morning, replying to student emails, grading projects and so forth, so I guess I was kinda "at school" then, huh?!

So what have these Mooneys been up to today?  A whole lotta nothing.  Mike thankfully took a few extra days off (so he doesn't work again till Friday night -- woo freaking hoo!!) because I CAN do everything but I really SHOULDN'T BE -- like it burns like no other and I'm terrified I'm going to split my incision open.  So!  Mike's home with me for a few more days and that'll be amazing.  Patrick is at the lake until tomorrow night so it's a little less chaotic here with him gone (although he's been quite a big helper than anything else!).  In a few weeks when I'm good to go and can pick Rosie up no problema, I'll be singing a different tune I'm sure.

This morning it was just us girls + Mike, so we decided to run a few errands...we had breakfast ("dog food cereal" is what the kids call Reese's Puffs. haha!) then stopped by and visited Goose for a minute before heading to Target to get some essentials.  We then picked up our favorite Chinese food for lunch (yummm!) and Rosie ate more than I did!  Little piglet!  Annie and I practiced our selfie game and then she passed out after eating for a siesta.  BIG DAY!

We actually have Patrick's school conferences here in a little bit, and I'm hoping and praying they go well and they don't end up telling us he's got a horrible mouth or is unhelpful or mean...gah.  I'm sure it'll be fine, right?! :)

So yeah, we haven't done much today but it's been kinda nice and I really REALLY have to remind myself to take it slow and let my body heal -- that I'll be happier in the long run for doing that.  So, TAKE IT EASY ALEX.

Since Patrick left yesterday morning and I am always itchin' to snap some pics, I put the girls in matching bubblegum stripes and took a few pics of them (and Scoots too!).  I miss not having a gazillion photo shoots every week, but it is nice to just photograph my own little burritos as my subjects to keep my snappin' and editing skills up.  Plus, that quilt just screams to be used as a backdrop ALLLLL THE TIME.  It's my fave.

Ro got some brother snuggles in before Patrick left yesterday morning.  They are the bestest of friends and worst of enemies all within 2 minutes of time.  I love it.  Beautiful chaos.

A few snaps from my #mooneymatte365 project -- which is 44 days in and still going strong!  WOOT!  I cannot wait to see what this year's book is going to look like...and I cannot believe we're already 44 days into 2017!  It totally feels like I was just posting my final pic for my 366 project for 2016.  Dang.  Time is a'flyin'.

Patrick snapped this pic of the girls (his request!) earlier this week and I love it so!  Still hasn't really hit me that I have TWO girls.  Crazy.

We took the kiddos swimming this past weekend and gosh they LOVE going to the pool so much!  I cannot wait until I can get back in with them...a few more weeks before that happens!  Annie and I just hung out in the chairs and watched them swim their little hearts out.

Annie's adorable snap got regrammed by June & January yesterday and it made my heart flutter!  Gosh she looks so darn cute in that raspberry and the fact that she is a GIRL is really going to hammer my credit card AGAIN just like it did with Rosie.  Gah!  Why are baby girls so much fun to dress?!

Oh, you know, just 3 random pics I want blogged -- 2 of Annie looking adorable in her J&J wardrobe and one of Scoots sleeping soundly after his spa day getting his hair and nails done.  I'm getting a Patty Cake made for him so I got to make that impression when he got his furry paws all shaven.

I'll conclude this post with this little gem from 7 (!!!) years ago at Mardi Gras.  Mike was working (clearly) and I was begging him for a ride home when he got off so I wouldn't have to take the Metrolink/bus back home.  Spoiler: he agreed, thankfully.  It was COLLLLDDDD that day!  And I think we had only been dating maybe almost a year at this point, and now, 7 years later we have one crazy dog at 3 kiddos! -- and I wouldn't even consider going down to Mardi Gras even if someone paid me.  Isn't life funny that way?!  Have a great week friends!

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