A Perfect Sunday Evening

We had a rare Sunday evening free together last night (somehow I didn't have a photo shoot booked! YAHOO!!) and it was absolutely gorgeous outside!  We actually spent the morning playing at the big kids' school (the playgrounds are open again! YAHOO!!) and then had a blast playing outside after dinner too.  The kids actually ate dinner outside as well -- which has quickly become one of their favorite things to do this summer!

The kids then were playing in the yard and such, and, welp, I seized the opportunity and ran and grabbed my telephoto lens for some snaps!

Patrick got a few snaps in himself too... :) Gosh that camera and lens look so big in his hands!

This lens is one I feel like I never use and always debate on selling and then BAM! I'll need it for something (like the girls' dance recital!) and am so glad I still have it around.  The bokeh it gives is so amazing!  So I just went snap happy, per usual, of the kiddos playing -- and Mike even jumped in for a few pics too!

One of Ted's new tricks is he learned to clap -- and it seriously is the cutest thing EVER!  He is so proud of himself for doing it too and it is really the cutest little thing.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for our little Sunday evening recap!  It was a good one indeed.  Onto September we gooooooooooo!!

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